my day so far….

Woke up early to a ringing phone. Apparently, my former college classmate had to cancel our plans (hospital-hopping) for today, but I wasn’t disappointed feeling a little lazy myself. After all, I already found a hospital nearby where I can or might (fingers crossed) finally train! Little selfish, I know, but I promised them I can always go with them if they still want me to.

Then I headed straight to the kitchen and made mango crepes for my siblings, manang and I! Was supposed to cook those yesterday when I got home, but I figured, it was already too late for merienda then (6pm na ata).

looks yucky but tastes YAHHHMEEE!

After pigging out on that, I created a new blog here on wordpress (got a little jealous and curious, so I thought I had to make one too). Now, I am looking thru tutorials on how to import my entries from blogger! HAHA! EFFORT! Then I discovered this gaming site accidentally. It’s called I kinda liked most of the games I tried today because they were all unique and creative, and more fun than the games from y8. Sorry, I got a little bored of the same old cooking and shooting games there. People change. Then I had to check out to catch up on my dose of “2 Broke Girls”. I missed watching that, then I saw this other tv show called “Walking Dead” and I knew it had something to do with zombies. What is with zombies and apocalyptic creepiness these days?

So there. It’s way past lunch time and I still haven’t eaten yet. Our parents brought home BAGNET last night and we reheated it, but I didn’t feel like chowing down all that grease a couple of hours ago, but now, I’m starting to get hungry again all that fat don’t matter to me anymore. Time to omnomnomnom!!!!! LATER GUYS!


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