You and B are
74% Compatible

Your Happy Place
This is one of those relationships that just works. For once, you don’t have to deal with any of the annoying, embarrassing or disturbing situations that are par for the course with dating life. It’s like you two “get” where the other person is coming from and make each other feel as comfortable in your skin as possible. So you can toss aside your fear of rejection, just be yourself and go for it, no holds barred! You love that you’re both up for anything,and can take off on an adventure or start a new project together at a moment’s notice. He appreciates that you’ve helped him to become a more spontaneous person. With your influence, he can start living life to the fullest. And he’s “home” for you, providing someplace safe, stable and supportive to always come back to.It doesn’t hurt that your physical attraction always keeps things interesting, regardless of whether you’re out cliff jumping or staying in to watch the Discovery channel. Provided that you address emotional tensions and keep them from building up, you two are headed for a life of awesomeness.


I got this from a test online wherein the compatibility of two people lies on their respective birthdays and here’s what I got. A whopping 74%! 
I know for a fact that for a test over 100, this is definitely a failing mark, but for a compatibility test, it’s something one can be proud of or be happy about. It doesn’t say that we’re completely perfect for each other (which is sad), but reading the whole thing, I was still comforted by the fact that it said that last line right there: you two are headed for a life of awesomeness! 🙂
Not to brag or anything, but I think that the whole thing basically described us! HAHA! Kapal eh! Well, not exactly the whole thing that’s why I had to highlight (yellow) the things that were most applicable to us. The ones in violet are the things that need improvement! haha!

3 thoughts on “74%

  1. Hoy! 74 over a hundred is a passing mark kaya! 😛 Be proud sistah!

    I wanna try that too! Share the link! Share the link! I told you zodiacs and Chinese horoscopes make sense and mean something 😉 right?


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