oonga, why nursing, Mars?

I posted the same thing on my tumblr account and I wanted to post it here too so I can always look back in a few years time, pag successful nurse na ako (hopefully) as to why I love (ows??) and continue to try to LOve (much better) NURSING.


yesterday, during our IVT completion at VMMC, my groupmate from ceu mentioned something about a viral (kaya nga napanood na rin niya eh) video on FB (pa!). She asked us, “napanood nyo na ba yung video sa FB na Why Nursing, Anna?”. At first, all I said was, “hindi” and I wasn’t all giddy about it (unlike her) tapos ayun she said that it was really funny especially yung sa UNIFORM part. Then I had a hunch na baka si Anna Tan batchmate ‘to from ust and true enough, lo and behold siya nga! and In fairness, out of all her vlogs, eto yung pinaka-naenjoy ko, maybe because I can relate well from the UNIFORM to the experiences to the reason why by the end of each day, pag hirap na hirap na ako sa duty, narerealize ko, yeeeeep, nursing is rewarding! JOY! 😉