#5. Weird things you do when you’re alone…

Being a bum these days can turn you into a potential psych patient (no offense meant) so I try to keep myself preoccupied as much as possible. Give me a mirror, a little privacy, make up and camera, and I promise you, I’ll survive…….

So our house help’s granddaughter used to stay here at home to keep her lola company and being a kid, normally, everything she sees and hears (on tv or from us, older people), she’d try to imitate. Also, kids being magical thinkers and having wild imaginations, I often catch her talking to herself while playing with her toys. I did not think that it was that big a deal because just as I’ve said, it’s normal. And we haven’t had kids at home for a long time so I wouldn’t really know what goes on in the mind of kids (aside from the things we’ve studied in pedia). Anyway, what I was really annoyed at was her becoming a brat. It was irritating. She even yells at her own lola! I know I shouldn’t be hurt when she occasionally yells at me telling me to get out of “her” house and I know I should be mature enough to surrender the remote control when she wants to watch her favorite teleseryes in the afternoon, but she mostly just pissed me off (even though at times, I still found her cute and adorable and I’m her only playmate at home since Kat, my sis also gets easily pissed off by her haha). So to cut the long story short, more often than not, I would find myself irritated by the kid’s overly dramatic attitude. She acts and speaks as if part of a teleserye. She has an attitude even I cannot tolerate. She is the epitome of a real, little spoiled maldita, but what bothers me is the fact that I can actually see myself in her!!!!! (kung maka-segue, ang haba!).

Though I admit, she’s like 10,000 notches higher when it comes to acting, but just the same, I like throwing dramatic lines myself when I’m left alone in front of a mirror. At first, I’d just sneak a few glances at the mirror, then before I know it, I’d be standing right in front of it and almost close to tears, would act as if I was in a teleserye myself. Disgusting, I know, but those are the most freeing moments of my life. I finally get to be an actress (though it was never my dream to be one) even just for a while.

Aside from that, I also like dancing (hiphop, sexy dance, disco dance-sinauna hahahahaha even ballet, you name it, i’ve done it), singing (when accompanied by a guitar, I feel the urge to really sing my lungs out (even when I’m not alone since my sister and I share a room haha) yung tipong may kulot kulot pa hahahaha! I also like looking at (or more like examining) my half naked body in front of the mirror (not weird, I know). I also like playing dress up and wear the clothes we don’t get to wear on normal days and do a random photoshoot! I also like putting on make-up (not weird), but I often end up putting bruise-like marks on my face (as if I got into a fight with Manny Pacquiao) using make up, then I’d take pictures of myself (now, that’s weird)! haha! What I also love doing when I’m alone is inventing new dishes! It has always been my dream to cook when I was young (kitamona, gaya-gaya rin sa matatanda nung bata), but I was never given a chance to, but when we got old enough to turn on the gas stove by ourselves and having a hungry tummy all the time, I got to invent my own food! It was my tito Nap (mama’s youngest bro) who inspired me to whip up dishes with whatever’s available at home. Even yucky looking food turn out to be soooooooper yummy (magbuhat ng bangko?).

So there, most of them are pretty normal, but those are the things I find myself doing to keep me sane! Hopefully, I get to discover weirder stuff to do when left alone like making water bombs and trashing my neighbor’s house. WEH WEH!

#4. The best thing that happened to me this week…

I’m not sure if I can consider this THE BEST thing but I can say that this is the ONLY productive and good thing that happened to me this week and I’m not even excited about it. It scares the hell out of me, to tell you the truth, but I finally found a hospital that accepts nurse trainees……………….and training starts in November!

I’ve thought about it and I’m going back there tomorrow to submit my resume and other credentials (if you can call them that!). This is really is it! There’s no turning back now! I’ve prayed to God for this (to give me a job where I can use my full potential as a nurse) and to put me somewhere I can be of good use to to the people who need it the most. Hopefully I don’t have to work during the holidays (ASA!!!), especially not on NEW YEAR’S EVE (definitely not yet ready for that even though I know I won’t be working in the ER!)!!!!!!!

So there, for the next 5 months, I will be updating you (HI JAN!) on the new chapter of my boring life (not anymore) as a nurse trainee. Wish me luck and pray for me!!! God is good!>>>>>>>ALL THE TIME!!!

#3. 5 things that irritate you about the opposite/same sex…

I think I’m gonna have to do both so as not to be accused of being biased! HAHA!

5 most irritating things about boys:

  • insensitive – guys can be so straight to the point when it comes to telling the truth or simply expressing what they feel. This may be a good thing but sometimes, it can really be hurtful especially if they don’t choose their words well. They may not mean to be sharp-tongued and sarcastic but it’s kind of in their nature especially if they’re talking to people they don’t need to impress like their buddies (both boys and girls alike).
  • so addicted to games – yes, this can be irritating. girls can be addicted to games too but not to the point where they would literally sit in front of their computers 24/7! I know people who’d even cut classes and stay out late after school just to play with their, again, buddies!
  • hates doing house chores – i have a brother, so this is self-explanatory!
  • unkempt – same thing! I know I can be worse than other girls when keeping my stuff and my room clean, but I cannot be worse than boys! I think? hahaha!
  • mama’s boys – this can only be irritating if it comes to a point wherein they become such babies and go back running to their mommies when they get into a fight, with girls…wahahahaha!!!!

5 most irritating things about girls:

***first of all, these things may actually describe me from time to time (except for the last one), so that basically says that i pretty much hate myself pala! hahaha!

  • loves to gossip – yeah this is what most girls do to pass the time, in between breaks, during class hours when the professor is in the other side of the room, in the washroom (where most gossip come alive), on fb, on twitter, in PE class, during review classes (haha!) but it can be irritating if it suddenly goes around and the gossip is about you, girlfriend! OH YES, YOU! that’s like social suicide! ahaha! And it can be irritating too if they talk about your friends or when friends talk about other friends which can be pretty unavoidable, yes and I think I’ve done it a few times before (but i swear i don’t think i have said anything bad about anyone, one that-can-ruin-their-reputation-bad).
  • loves to make fun and criticize others – girls love to do this, period. some say that this often make others feel good about themselves so they just try to put others down. pathetic, i know.
  • so emotional – If boys can contain their feelings, girls can’t. They (3rd person pov? haha) just have to let it out again in between breaks, in the classroom, in the washroom, on fb, twitter etc. You just won’t be a girl if you’re too tough and manly in facing your teeny weeny problems. Why would you think other boys call their boy buds girls if it weren’t for this, right? But what makes it irritating if it comes to a point where all the whining and crying becomes too OA. Okay, you’ve let it out by crying about it for a week. You can’t expect people to be as sympathetic as they were a week ago (unless except if it’s about family matters or the more serious stuff).
  • self-conscious – girls can be overly obsessed with their clothes, their make-up, their bodies, but the same goes for this one, it can only be irritating if it crosses a certain line and becomes a little bit too OA. I can be irritated with myself if I get too depressed or if I don’t feel comfortable with my skin anymore that I just wallow in self-pity.
  • user friendly/plastic – Out of all the things on my list this one’s what I genuinely hate about other girls. I’ve talked to a few of my guy friends and they all said the same thing, “what do you get in being plastic or in backstabbing? kasi kaming boys, harap-harapan, suntukan agad!” HAHA! Funny but it’s true. I admire boys for being too brave to be straightforward and not stab their enemies at the back. I’ve been backstabbed before so I still feel a little annoyed na lang (kasi nakapag-move on na ako and napatawad ko na siya/sila) when I think about it but it hurts to know what girls can do to other girls especially to people whom they’ve been friends with. I’ve heard stories of barkadas who have been secretly backstabbing each other and it’s not something you can be proud of.

#2. A famous person you’ve been compared to…

I was supposed to do this blogging challenge I got from tumblr wherein you are to blog about certain topics on this list:

I started it last June but I’m far from getting it done since I’m still on chenen——–#2! I remember I was writing about it na on my other blog, but then I got lazy and I ended up blogging about other stuff. Anyway, I’m back and I really, really want to finish the list this time.


We all probably have been compared to a few famous people from time to time whether it be about resemblances in appearance or in attitude, so here are a few of those people whom I got compared to thru time. No violent reactions please! I did not impose this upon myself. I am only relating this for the purpose of finishing the list!


So, back when I was much younger, *ehem*, my whole family (including our relatives from my mother’s side) would tease me about looking like Shaina Magdayao. Yes, that very pretty, very clear/fair-skinned girlfriend of another famous actor, John Lloyd Cruz. Here’s what she looked like back then.

I did not like being compared to anyone, especially when I was younger, not even to famous pretty girls back then. I don’t know why but I find it common in most kids at that age. Maybe because we were too shy or to humble? ewan.


Then came the awkward teenage years, Shaina and I were of the same age and as we both grew up, my relatives’ teasing would die down with occasional hirits na “ano nangyari sa ‘yo?” and “diba dati magkamukha kayo ni Shaina?” hahahha…. Yeah whatever.


So there came a time when I felt relieved not being compared to anyone for a long time. At least hindi ka na napapagtripan pag may family reunions. Then came this one day, back in 2009 or 2010 pa ata, I, was again with my family in one of our usual family gatherings (i cannot remember what exactly), and I was fixing my hair. I was tying it up into a bun. I was trying to make curls ata. So when I removed the ponytail, they all saw my new curls (thanks to my bun). And right at that moment, we were watching ASAP and there she was, Toni Gonzaga, my new lookalike. They all teased me saying that we had the same hair, then the same facial expression, I even heard someone said we had the same jawline (excuse me, I don’t think I even have a jaw) and as if I was back in grade school, I got really embarrassed being the center of attention again! They were even more persistent this time, trying to make me blush even more than I already have. Every move I made, they related to her, yung tipong para masabi lang at lalo ka pang mapahiya. Yes, it was embarrassing, but this time around, I knew the reason why….because I did not look anything like her. I knew that they were just making fun of me! My relatives like to connive and make fun of a particular person in a particular time, especially the shy ones in the family. I know that for a fact because we love teasing my sister too at ako pa may pakana most of the time! hahahaha!

At present time, I still get teased about her, by Brianne. Yes, he loves teasing me about it. Pero, this time, he said that personality-wise, we had our similarities (which is fair enough haha, umagree?) and he said that we didn’t look exactly alike, may pagkakahawig lang! Di ko lang matanggap when he says that even his mother and titas and sister all say the same thing, but I know me, and I know how I look like, so I’d never agree, ever, not even in a million years! 😛


You and B are
74% Compatible

Your Happy Place
This is one of those relationships that just works. For once, you don’t have to deal with any of the annoying, embarrassing or disturbing situations that are par for the course with dating life. It’s like you two “get” where the other person is coming from and make each other feel as comfortable in your skin as possible. So you can toss aside your fear of rejection, just be yourself and go for it, no holds barred! You love that you’re both up for anything,and can take off on an adventure or start a new project together at a moment’s notice. He appreciates that you’ve helped him to become a more spontaneous person. With your influence, he can start living life to the fullest. And he’s “home” for you, providing someplace safe, stable and supportive to always come back to.It doesn’t hurt that your physical attraction always keeps things interesting, regardless of whether you’re out cliff jumping or staying in to watch the Discovery channel. Provided that you address emotional tensions and keep them from building up, you two are headed for a life of awesomeness.


I got this from a test online wherein the compatibility of two people lies on their respective birthdays and here’s what I got. A whopping 74%! 
I know for a fact that for a test over 100, this is definitely a failing mark, but for a compatibility test, it’s something one can be proud of or be happy about. It doesn’t say that we’re completely perfect for each other (which is sad), but reading the whole thing, I was still comforted by the fact that it said that last line right there: you two are headed for a life of awesomeness! 🙂
Not to brag or anything, but I think that the whole thing basically described us! HAHA! Kapal eh! Well, not exactly the whole thing that’s why I had to highlight (yellow) the things that were most applicable to us. The ones in violet are the things that need improvement! haha!