I’ve been a fan of Avril Lavigne ever since she came out with her first single, “complicated” almost 8 years ago. I was in grade 7 and her song (album pala) literally became viral all over the world, including here in the Philippines in just a snap of a finger! I am exaggerating, but you can’t deny the fact that it’s true! 

Back then, during recess time, I would hear batchmates taking a break in the school corridors, talking about their favorite avril lavigne songs. Some were even singing uncontrollably in between classes rin with friends who also were into her. 

My friends and I bought her first album, “LET GO”. Mine was a cassette copy (coz the CD was too expensive for me), but mind you, I couldn’t stop playing the damn thing day and night. A few weeks later, I was able to memorize all of her songs (with all the nonstop playing and all, of course). I could not exactly tell which one was my favorite out of all her songs because (if you were a fan too, you’d know that) everything, as in EVERYTHING was really GREAT! You could really relate to her lyrics (which i came to know that she wrote herself). It’s funny coz the packaging of her album had all the lyrics printed in her own handwriting (complete with strikethroughs and erasures pa!)! Odiba, yun palang bilib na bilib na ako sa kanya. It was as almost if like a journal lang of hers in musical form. 

As I was saying, I LOVED and ADORED her whole album that I cannot seem to choose which one I liked BEST so I’d like to categorize the songs in 3 classifications.There were songs na I really loved, really, really loved and WOULD KILL ME IF I CANNOT PLAY AT LEAST 80 times A DAY! WEH?! di nga? haha!

  • songs that i really loved:
    • Losing grip
    • I’m with you
    • Mobile
    • Unwanted
  • songs that i really, really loved:
    • Sk8er boi
    • Too much to ask
    • My world
    • Things I’ll never say
  • songs that WOULD KILL ME IF I CANNOT PLAY AT LEAST 80 times A DAY!:
    • NOBODY’s FOOL!!!!——the rap part I couldn’t resist! SOOOOPER FAVE!
    • Complicated
    • Tomorrow
    • Anything but ordinary
    • Naked
So anyway, that was the first album lang. When she came out with her succeeding albums, I wasn’t able to buy them na due to financial crisis (wahaha), but nonetheless, I liked everything just the same and downloaded them ALL on my player! 8 years later, here I am, still singing her songs (both old and new alike) to death! I am even listening to her newest single “WISH YOU WERE HERE”  now, on repeat mode to get me in the mood for writing this! HAHA! Kidding! Baliktad actually. I wrote this because I cannot stop playing the song over and over and I suddenly thought of writing and giving tribute to one of the best singer-songwriters of this generation! Why not right? She was a big part of my teenage life! 😛

So aside from being a great influence as to who I’ve become today (talaga lang?!), here are the things that I did just because I was a big fan of hers:
  • I once tried to wear that punk-rock outift of hers (white top and neck tie) and sang SK8er Boi and Complicated in front of the mirror!!! OH YEAH!
  • I also tried on her VERY DARK and SMOKEY EYESHADOW make up with my liquid liner! I saw her do a live version of her songs from the 3rd album (if i’m not mistaken) and I liked how her eyes bled of BLACK EYESHADOW!! haha! adik lang talaga!
  • I downloaded all the chords to her songs (yung kaya ko lang i-play–actually almost all her songs had very easy chords kaya keri naman) and sang them unendlessly/unendingly (kung anuman) in our room (sorry kay kat na inendure lahat ng yun noon! best audience ever!!!). Actually, her songs were the very first songs I learned to play in the guitar so KUDOS avril, you really changed my life! hahaha!! Among my favorites were: “Keep Holding on” (with my own version coz it was too high haha), “Happy Ending”, “Why”!
  • I sang and partied like a rockstar in our room once, complete with feelingera rockstar moves pa while playing “WHAT THE HELL” on repeat mode (as usual).
  • I watched her first concert here ON TV! AKO NA! AKO NA ANG LOSER and I sang all her songs (as if andun talaga ako sa venue) with matching emote emote pa and iyak coz I was sooo touched by her presence and the energy of the crowd. I felt that she was touched by the Filipinos singing her songs out loud down to the very last lyric! 
Anyway, Avril, if by chance you get to read this, I wanna be your best friend so we can tour the world together on skateboards and skater boys! (WAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA ECHOS!) YUN NA!

Here’s the wish you were here video (dedicated to uhmm alam mo na! HI!):

P.S. avril’s so good in singing and composing (?) really good emo songs and aside from wish you were here, above, and when you’re gone, eto pa yung isang emo song na I love playing on repeat mode: