When I like a particular song, I make it a point to look for talented people on youtube who do sooooper creative covers of that song. True enough, there were more than a few who took my breath away! SOOOOPER AWESOME!!!! 

This guy made an acoustic cover of the song and he’s good!! *eyebrows raising* NICE ONE PARE! Love his voice!

Then it gets better, we have this guy who made a piano rendition of the song’s melody!!! SooooooOoO good!!

Then here’s another fave cover of ze song: VIOLIN VERSION!!!!!! SOOOPER COOL mo lang pare!!! sort of a mashup up of the show goes on and pachelbel (as the title says)…. SWEEET!!

Here’s another acoustic version of the song. He made a mashup of the song and “closing time”. IKAW NA!!!! hahaha

OOOoOpsie, before I forget, I also saw this guy, he’s PINOY and had the song rewritten!! kuya, you’re awesome too!

Loved them all!! TWO THUMBS UP (ala ebert and roeper lang eh!) haha! If I could ask my sister to hand me her thumbs, I would you guys 4 thumbs up!!!! AWESOME!!!!

the show goes on……alright!

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