I badly need to wash the stain off my tarnished necklace however, I still haven’t bought this silver cleaner from the jewelry store. Fortunately, I saw this homemade silver cleaner on tv (which if I can remember clearly is a mixture of baking soda and apple cider vinegar). However, since I’m too scared that this homemade shizz might actually ruin the quality of this special necklace, I had to look it up on the internet (where else?). 

So I found these sites suggesting I put my silver thingy into a bowl of boiling water with baking soda and aluminum foil instead. Said it works wonders. However, I still wasn’t convinced that this would work (plus, I got even more scared of the fact that I had to boil the necklace). Good thing, we have YOUTUBE, where we can actually see how things work magically, right in front of our eyes!! 

THEN, I found this video! It literally made me wanna jump for joy! It’s like a more scientific and a more complicated magic trick, for adults only! Then again, kid geniuses these days might appreciate it more than adults would!! Apparently, our jewelry undergoes a redox reaction and silver sulfide forms on them which causes the black stains that we want to scrub off! The aluminum foil acts as the reducing agent which reverses the chemical change our jewelry underwent and renders it stain-free. (haaaayyy how i hate chem!). hahaha!

OH JOY!!! Amazing isn’t it? So, Imma go buy baking soda from the grocery tomorrow on the way home and try this! Sooooper excited!

Anyway, you know how when you’re on youtube, you get the tendency to watch the related videos lined up beside the current video you’re watching? Then you get addicted till you catch yourself opening a thousand tabs just so you could watch them all and post them on your blog like this? Then that’s what happened today! I got carried away, checking out these weird yet funny, helpful and amazing “HOW TO” videos of people on YOUTUBE! So here are some of the ones that caught my eye today! I could go on and on, but I still got a lot of things to do before the sun sets (weh??), so…..

And here’s another how to clean your silver video…

Then I found other uses of baking soda. Apparently, it can also tighten one’s pores! I knew it could clean a lot of things and make your teeth whiter, but I never heard this one before!

Then there’s the “how to take the blackheads off your nose with the use of elmer’s glue” video:

Then I found this hilarious video of Jenna Marbles. Just the tone of her voice made my day! Sinong bored?

Then there were more Jenna Marbles how to videos:

Then I just had to LOOK FOR a HOW TO COOK KOREAN JAP CHAE video! I just had to because I am seriously dying just thinking about it now! CRAAAAAVE!!!! 

And wow, seriously, this is how I want my noodles…hand-stirred noodles! para masarap!!!

Then I also had to look for this video of how to launch a soda bottle rocket! I missed this! Back in high school, the only reason why I loved PHYSICS class is because of the experiments! This was by far, the best thing we did! I even planned on doing it all saints’ day of that year in the cemetery with my siblings and cousins (but there were too many people, I had to ensure the safety of the majority haha!). Maybe we could still do it in the cemetery, wag nga lang sa November! OOoOhhh!! Sounds like a plan!

This next video is a lazier way of doing the rocket. Yes, because you could always substitute the bike pump with a compressor! odiba?

So there you go! Tune in again next time for more!!! weeeeeeehhhhhhhh! radio dj lang?!?! CIAO!!

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