I’ve been a fan of Avril Lavigne ever since she came out with her first single, “complicated” almost 8 years ago. I was in grade 7 and her song (album pala) literally became viral all over the world, including here in the Philippines in just a snap of a finger! I am exaggerating, but you can’t deny the fact that it’s true! 

Back then, during recess time, I would hear batchmates taking a break in the school corridors, talking about their favorite avril lavigne songs. Some were even singing uncontrollably in between classes rin with friends who also were into her. 

My friends and I bought her first album, “LET GO”. Mine was a cassette copy (coz the CD was too expensive for me), but mind you, I couldn’t stop playing the damn thing day and night. A few weeks later, I was able to memorize all of her songs (with all the nonstop playing and all, of course). I could not exactly tell which one was my favorite out of all her songs because (if you were a fan too, you’d know that) everything, as in EVERYTHING was really GREAT! You could really relate to her lyrics (which i came to know that she wrote herself). It’s funny coz the packaging of her album had all the lyrics printed in her own handwriting (complete with strikethroughs and erasures pa!)! Odiba, yun palang bilib na bilib na ako sa kanya. It was as almost if like a journal lang of hers in musical form. 

As I was saying, I LOVED and ADORED her whole album that I cannot seem to choose which one I liked BEST so I’d like to categorize the songs in 3 classifications.There were songs na I really loved, really, really loved and WOULD KILL ME IF I CANNOT PLAY AT LEAST 80 times A DAY! WEH?! di nga? haha!

  • songs that i really loved:
    • Losing grip
    • I’m with you
    • Mobile
    • Unwanted
  • songs that i really, really loved:
    • Sk8er boi
    • Too much to ask
    • My world
    • Things I’ll never say
  • songs that WOULD KILL ME IF I CANNOT PLAY AT LEAST 80 times A DAY!:
    • NOBODY’s FOOL!!!!——the rap part I couldn’t resist! SOOOOPER FAVE!
    • Complicated
    • Tomorrow
    • Anything but ordinary
    • Naked
So anyway, that was the first album lang. When she came out with her succeeding albums, I wasn’t able to buy them na due to financial crisis (wahaha), but nonetheless, I liked everything just the same and downloaded them ALL on my player! 8 years later, here I am, still singing her songs (both old and new alike) to death! I am even listening to her newest single “WISH YOU WERE HERE”  now, on repeat mode to get me in the mood for writing this! HAHA! Kidding! Baliktad actually. I wrote this because I cannot stop playing the song over and over and I suddenly thought of writing and giving tribute to one of the best singer-songwriters of this generation! Why not right? She was a big part of my teenage life! 😛

So aside from being a great influence as to who I’ve become today (talaga lang?!), here are the things that I did just because I was a big fan of hers:
  • I once tried to wear that punk-rock outift of hers (white top and neck tie) and sang SK8er Boi and Complicated in front of the mirror!!! OH YEAH!
  • I also tried on her VERY DARK and SMOKEY EYESHADOW make up with my liquid liner! I saw her do a live version of her songs from the 3rd album (if i’m not mistaken) and I liked how her eyes bled of BLACK EYESHADOW!! haha! adik lang talaga!
  • I downloaded all the chords to her songs (yung kaya ko lang i-play–actually almost all her songs had very easy chords kaya keri naman) and sang them unendlessly/unendingly (kung anuman) in our room (sorry kay kat na inendure lahat ng yun noon! best audience ever!!!). Actually, her songs were the very first songs I learned to play in the guitar so KUDOS avril, you really changed my life! hahaha!! Among my favorites were: “Keep Holding on” (with my own version coz it was too high haha), “Happy Ending”, “Why”!
  • I sang and partied like a rockstar in our room once, complete with feelingera rockstar moves pa while playing “WHAT THE HELL” on repeat mode (as usual).
  • I watched her first concert here ON TV! AKO NA! AKO NA ANG LOSER and I sang all her songs (as if andun talaga ako sa venue) with matching emote emote pa and iyak coz I was sooo touched by her presence and the energy of the crowd. I felt that she was touched by the Filipinos singing her songs out loud down to the very last lyric! 
Anyway, Avril, if by chance you get to read this, I wanna be your best friend so we can tour the world together on skateboards and skater boys! (WAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA ECHOS!) YUN NA!

Here’s the wish you were here video (dedicated to uhmm alam mo na! HI!):

P.S. avril’s so good in singing and composing (?) really good emo songs and aside from wish you were here, above, and when you’re gone, eto pa yung isang emo song na I love playing on repeat mode:


getting productive…

I’m finally beginning to take hold of my life, or so I think; but nevertheless, I actually feel like I’m beginning to do something good for once in my life. Yesterday, I was with my best friend, looking for hospitals that are open for employment or for training for newly-graduated/registered nurses. Though 2 out of the 5 hospitals we went to weren’t accepting applicants as of the moment, we still felt a bit hopeful of the fact that somehow, the rest accepted our resumes!!!! Iba pala talaga yung pakiramdam pag alam mong yung hirap at pagod mo may napuntahan talaga! Plus, we were finally able to get out of our bum routines, leave that lazy couch at home and do something MEGA productive!

Oh the perils, este the joys of Job Hunting pala: We didn’t have our own car (which would’ve made hospital hunting easier), we almost ran out of funds (thanks to the the requirements that needed express processing and photocopying), we ate lunch at around 2 in the afternoon already, we even had to literally walk from hospital to hospital under the scorching heat; but by the end of the day, it was worth all the calloused feet, sunburned, greasy face and disgusting, haggard look because we felt like we finally had accomplished something and it’s quite encouraging, knowing that someday, these institutions might actually take time and give us a call or even hire us for a position we’ve been asking for. 

Nikki, taking a pic of the requirements


passed by my dormie!

Job hunting also made me feel a bit more eager (as compared to a few months back) to work already. Some people would’ve wanted to work as early as days after graduation or in our case, after completing the requirements for work, but not me. I felt like I got too burnt out or stressed back in college, that I just wanted to live my BUM dream and vowed never to work again. Thankfully, that Juan Tamad in me finally had the initiative to stand up and grab that guava out of that tree instead of just waiting for it to fall into his mouth. I finally felt that I wanted to work and take care of patients again. Maybe I just needed that reality check to give me a little push. I realized that I need to stop being a freakin’ lazy couch potato and work my ass off to earn money and help pay the bills at home! SERIOUS MODE NA!!!

St. Luke’s, qc

One reason why I suddenly lost interest din in working early is because of my love-hate relationship withe my course (gusto pa!). I felt like I hated nursing more than I should have loved it from the start pa lang, unlike the others, though I admit that no one forced me to take this but myself. Then slowly, I began to realize that Nursing made me feel bad about myself. It made me feel inferior couple of times. It pushed my self-esteem so low, it almost hit the ground, but now that I’m happy to say that I actually miss it!!! I never thought that I’d be wanting to clean up after my patients again, to take time and establish rapport again, to administer medications, feeding and hopefully do whatever it is that I haven’t done yet (in my 3 years of hospital duty as a student nurse). I’d like to believe that I’ve become stronger and much braver to actually want all these things in my life again. I still am so scared that I might not be able to do my duties well enough or that I might do something to compromise not only my license but those of my patients lives. But I believe that I am good, or great even, and I have the potential to be the best nurse, if I work hard enough. I’d even want to promise myself that once I get hired either as a nurse trainee or if I’m lucky as a staff nurse, I would do my best to help my patients recover and obtain optimum well being again! I PROMISE! 

BUKO SHAKE LOVE after a long day 🙂


When I like a particular song, I make it a point to look for talented people on youtube who do sooooper creative covers of that song. True enough, there were more than a few who took my breath away! SOOOOPER AWESOME!!!! 

This guy made an acoustic cover of the song and he’s good!! *eyebrows raising* NICE ONE PARE! Love his voice!

Then it gets better, we have this guy who made a piano rendition of the song’s melody!!! SooooooOoO good!!

Then here’s another fave cover of ze song: VIOLIN VERSION!!!!!! SOOOPER COOL mo lang pare!!! sort of a mashup up of the show goes on and pachelbel (as the title says)…. SWEEET!!

Here’s another acoustic version of the song. He made a mashup of the song and “closing time”. IKAW NA!!!! hahaha

OOOoOpsie, before I forget, I also saw this guy, he’s PINOY and had the song rewritten!! kuya, you’re awesome too!

Loved them all!! TWO THUMBS UP (ala ebert and roeper lang eh!) haha! If I could ask my sister to hand me her thumbs, I would you guys 4 thumbs up!!!! AWESOME!!!!

the show goes on……alright!