strawberry fields forever…

I came across Kiana Valenciano’s profile on twitter and saw her current background which is somehow similar to the strawberries in the movie “Across the Universe”, which also happened to be one of my favorite movies/musicals of all time (big beatles fan here). So I looked for some shizz HERE and i found these! I was supposed to make gaya Kiana and make the first pic as my background pic on twitter kaso kakahiya eh! hahaha! follower ko siya? (conyo-conyohan ka na teh porket bum ka?) labo.

Anyway, this made me miss ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and made me sing Jai guru deva om (again and again and again), so now i got the LSSyndrome (which unfortunately can only be remedied by another song that’d get stuck in yerr head…), daming satsat………………

To make the long, pointless story short….I wanna look for that dvd of mine wherever the hell ONDOY took it and watch it again sometime…… I MISS THE PSYCHEDELIC, HIPPY VIBE of the movie. Go watch it and GET LSSed by BEATLES songs! You;ll love it for sure!! Plus, Jim Sturgess from the movie 21 and upcoming movie One Day is the lead star!!! AWESOMENESS!!!!

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