I haven’t been really updated on news and gossip lately (even though I feel like I’m always online and watching tv). All things I’m about to write about now, I only learned about just recently. My sister even asked where I was the past weeks when I told her how much weight Jennifer Hudson lost. Seriously? Am I that un-updated?
Well, anyway, this must have been brought about by my being busy studying and reviewing for boards lately. In less than two weeks from now, I’m gonna be taking the test that will dictate my future and retain my swag (like I got swag). However, with me still taking time checking up on what’s hot and what’s in, I’m not sure I’d still get that silly dream of mine of getting a slot on the top 10. I sure don’t wanna get left behind during oath-taking when everyone else I know gets in, so I promise to go back to work after I post these….
So, where do you go when you feel like you’ve so much to catch up on in terms of celeb gossip and entertainment news etc? Well, you go to JUSTJARED. He gets the latest news on hollywood and posts them on his site. I also follow him on twitter so I get the tiniest bits of gossip from time to time. Earlier, I visited the site and as much as I’ve craved for it, I never really got so much juicy info on celebs that I haven’t seen on YAHOO news first. We all know that MEGAN FOX-SPIELBERG-BAY issue, we know that she also went to the beach with her husband in a tiny, pink bikini. Well, what I didn’t know aside from Jennifer Hudson getting a sexier bod nowadays is that IAN SOMERHOLDER AND NINA DOBREV are actually dating and Nina is 10 years younger than him, but still they look good together! hahhaha! Oh yes, my sister knows about this ever since I’m not sure when but still, she knows and I don’t. 

nina and ian ❤

 Then I also saw this on J’s site. I would love to wear this outfit. So formal yet casual. I’m really liking the way Amanda carries herself and her outfits! Have you seen her on “Letters to Juliet”? Her stylist must have been really been an expert on casual yet elegant types of clothes!!

Lastly, if you’ve been regularly watching TV, you won’t miss this show for sure. It’s called the Glee project and it just aired here in the Philippines! Being a fan of Glee itself, it’s no wonder If I’d get hooked to this (as much as I’ve been hooked to Pretty Little Liars1 and 2 just recently) too. Watch it! They’re all very lovable and talented, you won’t waste time seeing this every week!!

there’s alex and mattheus and the other girl. hahaha
So far, I really like Alex (but I’m getting this feeling he’ll soon turn out to be diva-ish) and this girl at the bottom. I haven’t really heard her sing well, but I kinda just like her looks (hahaha! tomboy! hopefully she does get a little bit more interesting). Surprisingly, I also like MATTHEUS! He’s the little guy who stole my heart when he sang (GIVES YOU HELL) for the creator of Glee when unfortunately, he got into the bottom 3 this week. I’m rooting for him too na rin! hahahahha!
So the latest episode featured this song that I really liked! I didn’t know it before I heard it on TGP and now I soooper like it! Plus they got to wear these extremely amazing ROCKSTAR make up and costumes! Now, that’s what you call WILD!!!!
Here’s the video!!!!

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