okay this would be my 3rd and LAST post for today, I promise!!!! This is all my brother’s fault! He played NOTHING’S GONNA STOP US first, so I had to put it on my previous post because I really love the song and now I am blogging about it because it was played on one of my most favorite shows EVERRR (which got cancelled, unfortunately). So to relive the beauty of the best SCENE from the best EPISODE EVERRRR, I am posting it here!!!!

Someone on youtube commented on this video regarding the why the show got cancelled and I also had to put it here because it’s true… It was made by:demoniosolitario

“This show was mainly cancelled mainly for its truthfulness about life. They touched many nerves week after week, and many Americans prefer to close their eyes to reality. Girl Pregnant at 16, Father Son issues, Unfaithful husband, White little lies to cover anything all the time, Teacher-student relationship. Cheating and cheating again and again… and so on… 

Don’t you just agree? Why on earth would they cancel a show that everyone can relate to and that shows reality. I’m sure it had high ratings (or not), but still, I liked it! I downloaded the whole effing first season and I would never get tired of watching it. First thing on my things to do after BOARDS: WATCH LIFE UNEXPECTED!!!!!!
Anyway, here’s the fave scene I’m gushing about and I know you’d love this too. Such a sweet broken, reunited family…. aaawwww 😦

Here’s my fave episode, btw:

A lot of funny scenes, not to mention KILIG scenes at the bed and breakfast
and one big heartwarming scene in the end!!! KUMPLETOS RECADOS!

I forgot, they had a second season pa pala before it got cancelled…:(

Share your thoughts on this!

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