Yesterday I was reblogging stuff about HARRY POTTER on tumblr and I suddenly remembered that wedding gown Fleur Delacour wore on her wedding! It looked AMAAAAZING on her. Well, an old faded shirt would have looked amazing on her too, but if you’ve seen the movie, you’d most probably be awestricken like me as well! At first I thought it was by Chanel, but it was by ALEXANDER MCQUEEN pala!!! SOOORRYYY!!!

And don’t you just love the detail: twin birds or peacocks on the chest part? lovely!!!

I like how she looked like she had her back bared, pero may sheer cloth naman… HAAYY SHEER is soo USO!
—–photos courtesy of Tumblr!!!——

POSITIVE ENERGY for everyone!

Whenever you feel down or otherwise, words like these would definitely make you feel good or  much better in a blink of an eye! No kidding! Sometimes, you just have to think that Life isn’t all happy and perfect, but knowing that there are people who’d always be there for you no matter what should help you realize that life is worth living! And if ever you really have no one to run to, (don’t feel sorry for yourself!) know that HE‘s just up there and all it takes is a simple prayer, actually, kahit casual “HI” lang to start with is enough (kung di ka pala -dasal, then try mo unti-unti magdasal, masasanay ka rin!). HAHA! Have a great Friday afternoon!
P.S. since it is Friday and it comes before Saturday, let us all celebrate!!  
Celebrate what? wala lang, eh sa nabuhay ka eh at umabot ka sa….

—-photos courtesy of FUCKYEAHHAPPY!! ——–

#1. the person you like and why you like them

 I haven’t really liked a person as much as I like this person I like right now. hahahaha! I don’t think that made sense at all but you know what I mean. So I’ve been kind of going out with this same person for the past few weeks and I never imagined I’d feel this way for him. I’ve been writing about him a couple of times now and I think I’ve dropped the bomb (the name) before so I don’t think I need to do it again. hahaha! chaka na pag okay na okay na! Anyway, I like him because of a lot of things, but mainly because he’s exactly what I really want in a person, in a guy, in a friend, in a boyfriend whatever! hahaha. He does have some flaws (duh!), but I’ve learned to accept them (ahem!) and he knows it. Haha! He knows that I like him and I would never get tired of telling him that! 


So to make things really clear (para lang alam na, kahit alam na niya to), and if ever he does find out about this, I’d like to say that I like him because:
  • He makes me feel soooo special ALL the time.
  • He never gets tired of saying that he likes and “loves” me.
  • He plays the guitar and sings like HELL! ay HEAVEN pala! ANGGALING LANG!
  • He’s cute!!! and makulit! and machismax–ma showbizz like me!
  • He’s befriending my friends and family (ows?) kahit takot siya! hahahha
  • He’s a spoiled brat! hahahaha but even so, I still like him!
  • He’s very kind, sincere, funny (sometimes), sweet (all the time), thoughful, galante!
  • He’s God-fearing and very much a family oriented person!
  • at marami pang iba na sa amin na lang! hahahahhahaha!!!!