reality bites……like a tiger! weh weh

My friends Louise and Marion came over yesterday because they were kind enough to visit me at a time of great financial crisis, and since we haven’t had time to see each other in a loooooooooong time. Lou came in a little bit after 2 in the afternoon while Marion had to finish a video so she came in a little later after Lou did. We had lunch here, Lou bought her own lunch from ministop (kakahiya i know, but i offered her rice naman ahaha and ulam from the night before). 
So we had the usual, same old PUGAKS moments like before. The whole tawanang-parang-wala-nang-bukas-with-matching-talsikan-at-paluan never gets old. But since we’ve all graduated, shempre, there were a few changes in the topics of our conversations. Yehes, feeling mature na! hahaha! But to tell you honestly, I felt like we’ve really grown up na! Iba na talaga! Although I still feel ambivalent about the whole growing up thing since I can still see myself as an innocent, naive person despite my age, the things that I learned about people and stuff so I still feel quite uneasy about sensitive topics such as sex (ayan straightforward) and who did what and with whom. I

know people go around nowadays doing the act like it’s not special or sacred anymore. I also know that I am not in the right position to go around and judge people.  Who am I to speak  against them , right? I might even share the same beliefs and values with them so I cannot blame them really (I’m not saying that I’ll give in to temptation eventually, because honestly, I won’t). After all, it’s the act that we must hate and not the people themselves. Well, technically speaking, the act isn’t wrong as well, it’s the time and the reason  for doing that that varies in people which makes it unacceptable for some, especially the Church. Anyway, I was just a bit overwhelmed by the things I learned about people, about a few batchmates specifically, but I shouldn’t dwell on that coz it’s none of my business.

We shouldn’t have reached this topic if it wasn’t for showbizz. Yep, that’s right, I am blaming showbizz for this.  We were talking about Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsey, even Vhong Navarro kasi. HAHA!  Grabe, but kidding aside, that industry has destroyed many reputations, values, relationships and even families.  If people are not careful enough, they’d drown in all that fame, money, sex, lies, drugs etc. that they’d reach that point where they won’t recognize themselves anymore. All the things people do for fame, for the money! Sometimes it scares me that most of us are unaware of the bad things that go unnoticed because these same people only see or choose to see the good, glittery facade of life.

Oh yes, this is me, speaking. What the hell right? I am 21 years old and I still have got to learn a lot about  the real world after all, it’s where I am headed at. I should arm myself with wisdom, knowledge, strength, faith and values because these are the same things that would protect me and save me from the bad reality that I have yet to face. I just wish that I know myself well enough and that I have the strength to go through life without fear and uncertainty. So again, I ask God to bless me, all the people around me, my family, friends and loved ones, even the people I do not know. Bless us all Lord so that we may all face life with a much better perspective and see these problems and temptations as something that can be easily resisted and solved. Amen.