I promised myself that I’d make this entry short, but sweet. Literally sweet coz it has something to do with love love love. I know I shouldn’t be posting entries regarding my ❤ life (coz the horror of someone from my family reading this is gaaaahh), But anyway, here it goes….
February, more or less, 3 months ago, on Valentine’s day, to be more specific, this extremely shy guy went to school with a bouquet of red roses and a huuuge blue magic paper bag in hand. He was with his bestfriend and cousin (who also happened to be my rlemate) and was anxiously (sabi niya) waiting at the hallway near the med audi for, who else, but ME (kapaaal)! hahaha!
In all of my 21 years of existence, I have never had an admirer (well meron naman), not to mention a suitor, so how did “this” all of a sudden, happen now? Obviously I do not have the answer to that, but as far as I’m concerned, I am very much blessed to have someone like him in my life. 
2 hours ago, I just got off the fone with him. We were talking since 12:30 in this morning, through 3:15  (scary time) up until 5 am! We just broke our own record of staying up all night, just talking to each other! Last time I spent talking to him for hours was last January, pa if I’m not mistaken (i’m sorry I’m not good with dates) and via twitter, then we had another long talk Monday afternoon when I got home from school (which was around 2pm?) until dinner time. Sure we always talk during the wee hours of the night (while everyone’s asleep so as not to get caught), but this morning’s conversation was so profound, so heartfelt, so touching and sooo kilig at the same time that I couldn’t help but get giggly on my bed, throw whispers at him like a crazy in love beyonce (hahah corny tae). So HIGHSCHOOL! I know right?! but who cares? As long as we’re both happy, none of whatever anyone says matter anymore (not unless sila papa or mama yung may sabihin!).

Anyway, I first met him through facebook. JOLOGS! i know, but it wasn’t like the jologs, hey-can-we-be-friends-pohwzz type of acquaintance. It was more of like he greeted me on my birthday and made me listen to  his own version of this song (can’t take my eyes off you). Since he had a GREAT voice (i’m not exaggerating!), I literally fell down on my knees while listening to it in a public place full of dormers with my roommate! It was that GOOD!! And that’s how it all began, late 2010! Then came valentine’s day. Vday was a bit of a letdown since he merely looked at me, let alone talked to me so I didn’t expect anything more after that. Then I read his greeting card which I didn’t see and read until I got back to my dorm. Then I let everyone else read it. HAHAHAHA! obvious bang first time? I did not exactly know how to react. That night, he sent me a message on facebook apologizing for doing what he did. He thought that I was mad at him for giving me roses and a huuge heart pillow, but I told him I did not mind at all and thanked him instead. 

Come 2 months later, he was already friends with my friends (via twitter and fb), and everyone else in school knows about him (which I don’t exactly know why). Maybe I was someone whom everyone thought wouldn’t ever blossom and have a lovelife of her own, then suddenly the world comes tumbling and you know what happens next. Yes? hahahaha

So here’s the deal, I have been going out with him for a couple of times now and even though he only comes to school on dismissal time and we only get to spend soo little time with each other, we BOTH (yes both talaga) enjoy ourselves! And as the days go by, I just can’t help but fall deeper in LIKE hahaha ayaw pa eh with him! So I really thank God and his cousin G for introducing me to him! He’s such a sweet and very sentimental and very sincere and very God-fearing and family oriented type of person, plus he has an extremely adorable little cousin that I got to talk to last Monday! hahahaha!!! and Bonus na lang yung kanyang talent na nakaka-in LIKE hahahahha!! waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Brianne! may name-dropping na nagaganap? hahahahha! AYAW ng BLIND ITEM! hahahha!!! 

So to end this entry, I would like to make things clear : I am still not ready to say those three forbidden words. I wanna make sure that I can say it to him 100% and I want introduce him first to my inay and itay. So matagal pa yun ahahaha!! Goodluck!!! 

Love, you’re so distracting
Am I overreacting, For feeling this way
And ever, since I met ya, I can’t keep my attention
And you are to blame

You’re love’s a permanent distraction, a perfect interaction
A feeling so extreme
I lost my appetite to eat, and I barely get to sleep
Cause you’re even in my dreams
And I thought that I was strong but I knew that all along, this was out of my control
So I fell into your hands, and I don’t know where we’ll land,
I’m just going with the flow

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love

 thanks for waiting!!!! :)))) hahahahha