omygaawd shoes!

I am a big fan of shoes, however due to my better taste for food than for shoes, I hardly get to save money for shopping which brings me to this dilemma I’m about to share to you guys. 

DILEMMA: I only have 2 pairs of black flats for school, a pair of really dirty flats for weekend gimiks, 2 pairs of sneakers and a few pairs of strappy sandals. yun lang. Compared to my father and sister, nakakahiya sa konti ng shoes ko! My friends from school even notice how I only have this same pair of flats everytime we have events at school wherein we need not be in uniform. 

So today, after hearing mass with my lovable, lovely, loving family, we went on an unplanned shoe shopping spree! Di naman masyadong masaya ang lola niyo dahil I bought 2 pairs of pretty, candy-colored flats! SOOOPER YUMMY to the eyes! haha! SO to make the long story short, I haven’t really given myself the luxury to buy these many shoes in a longtime. Most of my clothes, or most of my stuff rather would take years before I could replace them. I’m the type of person to really make the most out of something (that didn’t sound exactly right). Sabihin na nating, I would not buy myself something new unless the things I use are worn out to the highest level!! As in, kelangan burado na yung design nung shirt or kelangan tanggal na yung soles nung shoes bago pa ako makabili ng bago. Actually, my father used to be like that too pero during the past few years, he had this fetishism for shoes. Ewan ko ba! hahaha! 

PHEW! that was long for a long story made short! anyway, I just bought these really nice pairs of flats for gimik days! And I must say, mararamdaman din nila ang naramdaman ng previous pairs of shoes ko! Ayaw nila yun? gamit na gamit! If we’d be wearing civilian clothes this summer (for review), I really do think I’d be using these over and over until their soles have come off already! What a sight! Ayoko muna i-predict hahahha! baka matakot sila bigla, magsilayas! hahaha!

SO here are my new pairs of shoes. the third pair is my sister’s btw!

omygawd shoes shempre kelangan may themesong:
thank God, mama, papa for these! I know I’ve said this already on my tumblr account, but I’m gonna say it again: manglilibre rin ako ng lahat ng gusto niyo once magkatrabaho kami! THANK YOU! MWAH!!

P.S. Tonight, before you guys go to bed, please pray for Japan and for the rest of the world. Time may be running out, so always be prepared, physically, mentally, emotionally and most expecially, spiritually! God bless us all!

i tweeted….

not so sure kung ano pang meron sa school this week. clearance starts on march 12 pa? wth? so i guess shopping at divi with roomies, classmates, dinnar at morato with roomies, gala with highschool barkada… ECHOS! kala andaming pera! hahahahha!!!

and I posted on FB:

anong meron this week?? divi with Ina Kristina Pangan, Caryn Keng Seng? gala with SR? Jacqueline Larin Jan Quilatan Cruz Kristine Marie Jucaban Christine de los Reyes, dinnar at morato with roomies Angela Gochangco Anne Franchesca Beza and caks? Kala pala andaming peyra?

 So seriously, what exactly will happen this week? Last thing I heard clearance will start on March 12 1-6pm. What the *$&p;*$ does that mean exactly? Isn’t that a Saturday? Ooops Yes, that is a Saturday. I checked! So that means that I’ll most probably be out with friends this week, then be back to school on Saturday for clearance. Why do they have to make our lives so hard? JOKE! Sorry feel ko lang maging melodramatic. I’m about to graduate na kasi and like most graduates, hindi ka pwedeng basta-basta na lang makalampas sa unibersidad mong minamahal nang hindi ka halos mamatay sa hirap! Lahat ng bagay, para maramdaman ang tamis ng tagumpay, kelangan pinaghihirapan! ANO NA NAMAN DAW? hahaha!

Anyway, I saw Nikki’s post on FB just a few minutes ago, her dad approached her daw while watching tv and asked her “why so chill anak? Diba may boards pa kayo?” Well something like that. hahahaha! and natawa lang ako! ANO BA YAN? Is this true though? Ga-graduate na ba talaga kami? MARCH na and on the 30th, we will all be walking with our head held high on that stage and we’ll finally get to say “#%%#^#%^!! pinahirapan niyo kami!” HAHAHA! Kidding aside though, I would miss being toxic and being busy on school stuff all the time! For the last three days, I stayed here at home and all I did was wash the dishes, mop and sweep the whole HOUSE, give a whole body massage to mama and all that stuff! In short, ginawa nila akong katulong! Training ko raw since wala naman kaming makukuha na trabaho after grad and well, because may exams si Kat at hindi naghuhugas ng pinggan si Jus. Haaaay, last night, I promised myself to do all my pending paperworks today, pero anong ginawa ko? Bumangon ng 5:30am, natulog, gumising ulit ng 8am, nag-init ng breakfast, nagbanlaw ng damit at nagsampay, naglaba ng bags, nagwalis and nag-mop ng bahay all because antagal umuwi ni manang! ahhaha! Grabe, I’m really getting the hang of this. Mag-DH na lang kaya ako sa Taiwan? hahaha! 

REALITY SUCKS bigtime and it hasn’t sunk in yet, pero I’m getting the feeling that I would be doing all these not far from now! I’m gonna be my family’s personal masahista, tagakulay ng buhok, tagaluto, taga-saing, taga-grocery, yaya, maid and whatever you wanna call it. I’d do all those but please, pay me naman kahit 1/2 lang ng sweldo ni manang! 

AAAARRRGGHHH!!! Anyway, as much as I’d like to rant about reality, the future and about grad, hindi gagawin ng scrub folders ko mag-isa ang isulat ang cases ko sa katawan niya. hehehehhe. So, stay tuned for what will have happened in a week’s time! 

Let me end this entry with something about reality and how, well, it sucks! HAHHAA! JOKE! Hindi naman! KAKATUWA NGA EH! hahahha! Reality has its way of amusing us in an annoying way nga lang!


P.S. I discovered a new song from taylor swift’s video blog, pero luma na pala and I love it! SO CATCHY! Hope you catch it too! WHAT?!?!? CIAO! Go make someone happy! ADIEU! BABOOOSH!

of magic and inspiration!

Today, I did nothing but listen to new songs (tons of pure magic and talent through people who post their videos online). Thanks to youtube, they do not only get to share their talents worldwide, but they also get to inspire people through it!

So, today I was all about into chillin’ and discovering new talents (talent scout?) for a breath of fresh air and to feel some good vibes in the air (ano daw??!) haha. Good thing our president posted this one on our FB group and what a way to start our first day to freedom.. I mean first day of summer pala! summer na? hahaha
soooper bum song, isn’t it? bagay lang talaga sa ‘kin!

This one I discovered (and which I found so inspiring), from the awesome movie, Voyage of the Dawn Treader:
I sooper love the intro to this version, however, I liked the original version more!
and as the song says, “we can be the kings and queens of anything, if we believe!” ODIBA!
This next one is sooooper awesome, as in to highest level na talaga! Freelance Whales is a band I never knew existed ’til someone posted a link to this song on twitter! I seriously am in love with them (and trivia: Darren Criss’s bro is in it, I’m guessing he’s the one playing the banjo here)
Just the uniqueness and variety of the instruments they used made their music sound magical, and relaxing, and well, unique! Promise, ma-i-inlove kayo! Sana may mga ganitong ka-artistic na musicians sa Pinas noh?
another one…
and another one:
I also found him (I mean, my bro introduced him to me), yep pinakilala! hahaha. SUNGHA JUNG, the guitar genius! Someday, I promised myself, I’m gonna learn how to PLUCK the guitar like this kid, maybe even better than him…someday, but not today. HAHA! I could only do a few of those, but I guess I have no patience for it still. Ang kinarir ko lang eh yung intro ng “where are you now” try mo madali lang!
and another fave:
and this one…. I don’t know how he did it, the only thing I know is that halimaw siya or alien! hahaha! anggaling lang talaga! hahahaha
And finally, si AVRIL LAVIGNE! Yep she’s back!
You know, earlier today, I was just thinking how I didn’t like her latest single the first time I heard it. I AM A BIG AVRIL FAN, always have and always will, but I was disappointed when this first came out. I thought that this would actually be the first AL song that I wouldn’t like, but when I listened to it again today, I couldn’t  move on to the next song! I listened to it while massaging my mom, before washing the dishes (ala badass rockstar pa with an imaginary mic on hand), while washing the dishes and after washing the dishes!! I couldn’t get myself to stop! So I guess I’ll never get tired of listening to avril after all! Been a fan of hers since 8 years ago when she came out with her first album up until now! I LOVE HER!
all my life i’ve been good, but, woah, what the hell!!
ALL I WANT IS TO MESS AROUND, and I don’t really care about!
plus she looks soooper sexy in this video pala! must have body this summer as if may time mag-beach eh!

and before I forget, I personally looked these guys up online (coz I was soooo addicted to this song nga diba?) and boy am I glad I found them coz they were sooooper awesome!! plus I love the cat which jumped back and forth in the background throughout the whole song! hahaha

OoOoPs! May isang song na pa-OP! Shempre di lang puro new songs, kelangan rin ng…..
This song, I remembered because of the song, :there’s a place for us” ( yep, that one i mentioned earlier). I found the two very similar since they’re both very catchy, inspirational and both came out of a fantasy movie!
so there, hope you guys love these as much as I do! Keep believing in magic and inspire others with it!


Today was the first day of our last FINAL exams ever! as in ever ever… and when I got home, eto yung unang tumugtog sa player ko.. intense.. So fitting! Pero again, I wanna thank you Lord, my friends and of course, my family for helping me get by… for helping me get through those 4 years of pure hardship! I may be terrified of what’s gonna happen next, of what’s in store for me or of what God has planned for me, pero I AM SO READY! KAYAKOTO! WOOOHOOO! BOARDS! HERE WE COME! UP UP HERE WE GO, GO!!!

Are you still alive? Are you scared inside?Providence is blind when you’re terrifiedAre you still alive? Are you scared inside?When we’ve reach the end of the roadI will carry us home– STORY OF THE YEAR

 Lifted the above entry from my tumblr account coz I wanted to write some mooooooore! hahaha! 
So as I was saying, I just took my last N-106 exam today and our achievement test for Nursing Mgmt and Research but it just won’t sink in that today is THE last academic week ever!

After exams, we had the usual class meeting about stuff for grad and it just felt like the usual class meeting..nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe, I just don’t feel like acknowledging the fact that the end is HERE already! Maybe I’m still in DENIAL, but I surely won’t let myself get past this stage because I don’t want to accept the fact that I am finally free… free to do the things I’ve been wanting to do! I will now have the privilege  of controlling my life, my time, my everything! reality just bitchslap me in the face now na! But why is it that no matter how much I wanted to get out, there still lingers this feeling of me wanting to stay, wanting to undo/redo the things I want to do again! Bakit parang naiinggit pa ako sa classmates ko na mag-me-med? Why is it that suddenly, I still want to study more? WHy is it that even though I’ve prayed day and night for the end to finally come and now that it’s here, I just want for everything to slow down? WHy is it that I still don’t want to work and just stay forever at my parents’ house? hahahhaa! LABO talaga! Bakit ba feeling ko bata pa ko masyado para sa real world? para magtrabaho eh sa katunayan, 21 years old na ako!! ANO BA YAN?!?!? Ganito ba talaga? Ganito rin kaya na-f-feel ng batchmates ko? ng lahat ng ga-graduate?!??! waaaahahahahhuhuhuhuhu!!!
I feel so ambivalent, so undecided. I do have a plan, don’t I? SHIT! andami kong plano sa buhay! SAna magawa ko lahat!! LORD eto na naman ako! magpapalakas na naman sayo!!! 

Pero like what I said earlier, I am sooo effing ready and like what I told myself during the priest’s homily last Sunday, whatever You want me to do Lord, I will do! I trust in You!

i must be doing something right

Never thought that I’d be so inspired
Never thought that I’d find the higher truth
I believed that love was overrated
‘Till the moment I found you

Now baby I know I don’t deserve
The love you give me
But now I understand that

If you want me I must be doing something right
I got nothing left to prove
And it’s all because of you
So if you need me
And baby I make you feel alive
I know I must be doing
Doing something right

It’s because of you I feel so lifted
I’ve been looking at my life from higher ground
Never thought that I’d be so elated
You’re the one who turned it all around

Now baby, I didn’t know myself
Until you changed me
And made me understand that

If you want me I must be doing something right
I got nothing left to prove
And it’s all because of you
So if you need me
And baby I make you feel alive
I know I must be doing
Doing something right

And baby I know I don’t deserve the love you give me
But I don’t really care, cause

If you want me I must be doing something right
I got nothing left to prove
And it’s all because of you
So if you need me
And baby I make you feel alive
I know I must be doing (I know I must be doing)
Doing something right (Doing something right)

Doing something right
Yeah yeah
Something right

So if you need me
And baby I make you feel alive
I know I must be doing (I know I must be doing)
Must be doing something right
Yeah yeah
Something right