CLEARED…reblogged from tumblr SATURDAY (03/19/11)

YAHOO!!! I finally got cleared today, together with rlemates mara, cor and jomi and rle 3 maan, pat-o, thea, jam, rle 4 gege, ina-f, milcah, jogie, ging, gianne, donna, carlo, with the special participation of kim ong and fen! hahaha! I had fun as usual! I really thank God for this day and for the past 2 weeks of clearance days because I got to know a lot of my batchmates (kahit papano) and I got to bond with most of my classmates! sabi ko na kahit mga ganitong moments, i-t-treasure ko, ganun ako kasentimental! I LOVE THIS DAY kahit na shu-shunga shunga na bumangga sa poste habang nagbabasa ng varsitarian at may malaki akong pasa sa tuhod ngayon! I REALLY THANK YOU GOD for giving me my parents, my siblings, family, relatives, friends, classmates, rlemates, manang (yehes!) and everyone!! ang drama ko pero i wouldn’t have done this without them all! so thank you!

things we forget…

1. We forget to thank people who do good deeds, small enough to go unnoticeable sometimes!
2. We often forget to say thank you to God for even the smallest blessings we get from Him.
3. We forget how short life is and we take for granted a lot of people, opportunities and moments we know we are gonna regret eventually.
4. We forget to pray.

Last night, we just got bad news from our househelp, a really serious one. It was regarding her son who got into a car accident and ended up in an ICU with his foot amputated. It saddened me tremendously because manang, despite her “sometimes” irritating work habits, still is family to me. I know I get too maldita to almost all of our househelps but I never go too far (well, except for ate Dina, but we made up in the end and we’re all still friends up until now). I also know how we might not have treated Kuhrin (manang’s granddaughter) the best way we should have treated her during her last days here at home, pero we tried to befriend her, to play with her, to take care of her, plus, we gave her a lot of toys and gifts. We just didn’t want her to stay all her life here since she has a family she needs to come home to, and she’s gotten a little bratty (but that’s another story). So to cut to the point, I just want to say that I am truly sorry for manang. She doesn’t deserve this. No one does. It just makes me feel a little guilty that I should have been a better alaga (which I did try to because my sister has gotten a little short-tempered and maldita too like me especially to manang, so I tried to compensate for that by being sweeter to her, which I guess still wasn’t enough), but I did not because of my attitude (sometimes), pero I know I did try to reach out to her especially kung dalawa lang kami minsan sa bahay. So now, I just want to pray for her son’s fast recovery since like what mama said last night, Kuhrin is just 4 years old and she’s the eldest of 3 children. It would’ve been a big tragedy if she loses her father, so trying to think positively, I want to ask God to take care of their family (like I always do) and to give them anything they cannot really handle. They can make it through this. I know they will!
So to go back to my list of things we forget up there, I know as busy bees we are most of the time, we should still spare even a few minutes of our days praying to God (not only for ourselves but for the whole world as well, knowing that anything might happen nowadays), thanking Him for every single blessing we receive and living our lives to the fullest. As I have said in one of my entries, we should always be prepared, and one way to be just like that is to feed our soul with goodness and to do good to everyone as much as we can!
P.S. hindi sa nagbubuhat ng sariling bangko/upuan, pero I am 95% sure that I am not guilty of #’s 1, 2 and 4 on my list up there coz I have always been thankful and prayerful to God (and I pray for the whole world and the souls in purgatory), so I hope that you be too! And as for #3, I should try to work on that a little bit more!
So to end this entry, as usual, I will leave some of these thoughts for you to ponder on…. Some are a bit too shallow, but you get the picture, get the picture, literally! hahahha (images from weheartit!)

and P.S. #2, Speak of the things we should be thankful to God for, I do wanna thank God again (and papa and mama for buying and sacrificing their new fones and giving them to us instead—-what great parents we have! thank God for that too!)

thank you for our new fones! If before, big deal na na lahat tayo naka-colored nokia fones, mas big deal na lahat tayo ay naka touch screen na (kahit na as usual, the best fone goes to JUS pa rin with his galaxy mini, but still) You see, it’s wifi ready and we can tweet, watch youtube vids and check up on our fb friends!! SOBRANG THANK YOU PAPA AND MAMA! If you get to read this, I promise to buy you all the gadgets you want when I get a job, you techie parents, you!! Imma buy you soooper high tech gadgets na ala-starwars high tech na! hahaha! someday! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! and I LOVE YOU LORD!
And This just in, I pray for my family and relatives. I just learned last night that there might be a little bit of a something something again, so God please bless them!! Bless us all please! We are still all good people!

and I would also like to leave this beautiful song (which I discovered years na ata, ago, pero kahapon ko lang nalaman kung sino kumanta and all, THANKS TO KAT –>as usual!)
It makes me think that there’s still hope for all of us, when we look up to the sky!

things i discovered about myself today…

1. I am extremely selosa pero I keep it inside. I won’t let anyone know that I am, in fact jealous! I easily become envious (coz I’m possessive when it comes to friends, family, to newly discovered songs to movies, style icons and the like), but like I said, I won’t tell anyone!
2. I can be angry at one point (and I usually practice what I wanna say to the person I’m mad at pero hanggang dun lang yun. Tinatarayan ko siya sa utak ko. Sana lang marinig niya! hahaha), pero after the mind monologue, I usually go back to my non-angry state.
3. I can control my vices/addictions!
4. I am a true friend.
5. I can sacrifice a lot for my family and friends, even the things that I want the most!
6. I like listening to rock/rap/hiphop music when angry.
bakit puro tungkol sa anger? galit ka teh?
yun lang pohwz! Shet may masabi lang! I cannot sleep! I had my “pilit” afternoon nap earlier today so ngayon gising na gising. Might do the long overdue marathon of it started with a kiss 2. long overdue kung long! antagal na nito, inaamag na siya! adieu guys!


I might really be just overthinking/overanalyzing things but you can’t blame me if the thought that I can’t truly be happy without getting depressed in the end keeps popping in my head. I might just be worrying too much pero it’s what happens to me all the time. It’s not that I plan on getting depressed by the end of the day just to make sure my theory’s foolproof because I don’t. At first I thought that it might just be a coincidence that my being too happy  should be counteracted by a lot of worrying/crying after. That’s what I thought, but after having experienced it several times, I can’t help but think, maybe it’s not coincidental after all, maybe it’s the law of balance (if that’s what it’s called), of yin and yang, of black and white. Everything has to be balanced out, whether good or bad.

And talagang hinanap ang definition ng LAW OF BALANCE eh. This struck me the most:

“If the pendulum swings too far one way, it will inevitably swing back the other way.”

Does this have something to do with KARMA? 

To tell you honestly, this theory of mine is getting on my nerves already. It’s crossed the line (it’s way, way past the line, actually) and now, I am getting really frustr                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ated that sometimes, I think I have to force myself not to become too happy because as expected, something bad will come along to take that happiness away. The bad thing is, most of the time, I can’t really help but be happppy! Bakit ba? Eh sa I’m naturally a very cheerful person that it’s such a big feat for me to suppress a laugh or a giggle even at a tiniest, corniest joke. I cannot let a day pass without smiling or laughing coz I’m surrounded by all too funny people. I cannot just NOT react at the kwentos or chikas people share just because I’m too afraid that soon after, it’ll all be over anyway, and something bad shall take over. I can’t have that mentality (even if I already do have it already), can’t I? That’s a bit pessimistic, in a way. I know I’m just babbling nonsense and I might not even have a point here, but all I really wanna say is that I wanna be truly happy without having to worry about a catch in the end! ALAMO YUN? Yung walang kapalit. Minsan kapag out of control na yung tawanan namin ng friends ko, may magsasabi “uuy tama na, baka umiyak na naman tayo mamaya…” Kita mo yung mindset na ganun? Can’t we just ALL be happy now and forever and ever, and ever, and ever and ever?

Anywhooo, I’m getting a bit sleepy coz I was in school since 7 this morning (bakit di ba ganun on normal school days?), plus I just ate lunch so I kinda doze off every once in a while as we speak. Anway, I’ll probably catch up on the much needed sleep habang may fan pa sa room! Please Lord, take all my worries away! 

P.S. yesterday, we already got our togas so time for picture picture naaa! plus, today, I got my DR/NURSERY prc forms re-checked and re-signed, completed my OR cases and had my scrub folder signed as well! So all I need to prepare for is revalida on friday! THANK YOU LORD!!! I love you! Malakas talaga ako sayo! HAPPINESS!


I wasn’t as ecstatic to go to school today because of my unfinished business(es) and unsigned clearance forms, but to my surprise, I was able to  find the remaining professors who haven’t signed my precious GREENBOOK yet! FINALLY! YAHOO! I am so happy that I am getting to my goal, one step at a time. 

Although, I kind of felt bad after lunch when I learned that I had the WRONG format for my PRC forms and I already had them signed by our clearance officer/professor! So frustrating dahil umasa akong nakaka-andar na ako! Now I’m gonna have them reprinted for the nth time tomorrow! Konti na lang marrrsss!

here with Dean Vargas and Fr. Regent Factora, photo 
courtesy of ma’am Arroco (panakaw po ma’am!) hehe!

Anyway, I still had a great time today, bonding with my classmates (take note, not the people I usually hang out with on a normal day). I had lunch with my bestie Niks at jollibee asturias, laughing our heads off before we headed back to my dorm coz I had to attend to an emergency evacuation (if you know what I mean!). By 1 pm, we were already back at school and attended the recognition day for graduating students and faculty awardees! Mara, Peri and I went up onstage as well as 47 other thesis groups accepted by prestigious research institutes worldwide. Ours was accepted in Luxembourg, Germany btw! By 6pm, we were falling in line for FREE FOOD! YahoOOoo! I wasn’t with my rlemates today but I still had fun nonetheless! I love my classmates really, and I am gonna miss them all bigtime! Thank God for them! Honestly, this class has got to be the best class I’ve ever been in ever since preschool! I know High school days would forever remain in my heart as the most exciting and memorable days of my life, but I cannot explain how ELATED/ECSTATIC I feel whenever I’m with them. It feels like, at the age of 21, I can say that I’ve regressed and matured at the same time, thanks to them! Odiba? I cannot put into words the craze and happiness I experience in school everyday, which is mostly why I was probably able to get through the hard times! 

So I will end this post with the hope that more or less, in the last 2 months that we’ll be together as a class, I would be able to build a much deeper, but still fun relationship with each one of them (hopefully!) and that I would be able to pass revalida and clearance this week and graduate and top the board exams! Tulad nga ng sabi ni Royce sa kanyang farewell speech kanina, nothing’s impossible, sure they may be very difficult but not impossible! and quoting ate 3rd place sa previous batch, AIM FOR 100% Thomasian Nurses! We can do this, I know so! God bless us all!

btw, I got my toga today! Pictures to follow!!!!