things i discovered about myself today…

1. I am extremely selosa pero I keep it inside. I won’t let anyone know that I am, in fact jealous! I easily become envious (coz I’m possessive when it comes to friends, family, to newly discovered songs to movies, style icons and the like), but like I said, I won’t tell anyone!
2. I can be angry at one point (and I usually practice what I wanna say to the person I’m mad at pero hanggang dun lang yun. Tinatarayan ko siya sa utak ko. Sana lang marinig niya! hahaha), pero after the mind monologue, I usually go back to my non-angry state.
3. I can control my vices/addictions!
4. I am a true friend.
5. I can sacrifice a lot for my family and friends, even the things that I want the most!
6. I like listening to rock/rap/hiphop music when angry.
bakit puro tungkol sa anger? galit ka teh?
yun lang pohwz! Shet may masabi lang! I cannot sleep! I had my “pilit” afternoon nap earlier today so ngayon gising na gising. Might do the long overdue marathon of it started with a kiss 2. long overdue kung long! antagal na nito, inaamag na siya! adieu guys!

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