CLEARED…reblogged from tumblr SATURDAY (03/19/11)

YAHOO!!! I finally got cleared today, together with rlemates mara, cor and jomi and rle 3 maan, pat-o, thea, jam, rle 4 gege, ina-f, milcah, jogie, ging, gianne, donna, carlo, with the special participation of kim ong and fen! hahaha! I had fun as usual! I really thank God for this day and for the past 2 weeks of clearance days because I got to know a lot of my batchmates (kahit papano) and I got to bond with most of my classmates! sabi ko na kahit mga ganitong moments, i-t-treasure ko, ganun ako kasentimental! I LOVE THIS DAY kahit na shu-shunga shunga na bumangga sa poste habang nagbabasa ng varsitarian at may malaki akong pasa sa tuhod ngayon! I REALLY THANK YOU GOD for giving me my parents, my siblings, family, relatives, friends, classmates, rlemates, manang (yehes!) and everyone!! ang drama ko pero i wouldn’t have done this without them all! so thank you!

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