I wasn’t as ecstatic to go to school today because of my unfinished business(es) and unsigned clearance forms, but to my surprise, I was able to  find the remaining professors who haven’t signed my precious GREENBOOK yet! FINALLY! YAHOO! I am so happy that I am getting to my goal, one step at a time. 

Although, I kind of felt bad after lunch when I learned that I had the WRONG format for my PRC forms and I already had them signed by our clearance officer/professor! So frustrating dahil umasa akong nakaka-andar na ako! Now I’m gonna have them reprinted for the nth time tomorrow! Konti na lang marrrsss!

here with Dean Vargas and Fr. Regent Factora, photo 
courtesy of ma’am Arroco (panakaw po ma’am!) hehe!

Anyway, I still had a great time today, bonding with my classmates (take note, not the people I usually hang out with on a normal day). I had lunch with my bestie Niks at jollibee asturias, laughing our heads off before we headed back to my dorm coz I had to attend to an emergency evacuation (if you know what I mean!). By 1 pm, we were already back at school and attended the recognition day for graduating students and faculty awardees! Mara, Peri and I went up onstage as well as 47 other thesis groups accepted by prestigious research institutes worldwide. Ours was accepted in Luxembourg, Germany btw! By 6pm, we were falling in line for FREE FOOD! YahoOOoo! I wasn’t with my rlemates today but I still had fun nonetheless! I love my classmates really, and I am gonna miss them all bigtime! Thank God for them! Honestly, this class has got to be the best class I’ve ever been in ever since preschool! I know High school days would forever remain in my heart as the most exciting and memorable days of my life, but I cannot explain how ELATED/ECSTATIC I feel whenever I’m with them. It feels like, at the age of 21, I can say that I’ve regressed and matured at the same time, thanks to them! Odiba? I cannot put into words the craze and happiness I experience in school everyday, which is mostly why I was probably able to get through the hard times! 

So I will end this post with the hope that more or less, in the last 2 months that we’ll be together as a class, I would be able to build a much deeper, but still fun relationship with each one of them (hopefully!) and that I would be able to pass revalida and clearance this week and graduate and top the board exams! Tulad nga ng sabi ni Royce sa kanyang farewell speech kanina, nothing’s impossible, sure they may be very difficult but not impossible! and quoting ate 3rd place sa previous batch, AIM FOR 100% Thomasian Nurses! We can do this, I know so! God bless us all!

btw, I got my toga today! Pictures to follow!!!!