omygaawd shoes!

I am a big fan of shoes, however due to my better taste for food than for shoes, I hardly get to save money for shopping which brings me to this dilemma I’m about to share to you guys.ย 

DILEMMA: I only have 2 pairs of black flats for school, a pair of really dirty flats for weekend gimiks, 2 pairs of sneakers and a few pairs of strappy sandals. yun lang. Compared to my father and sister, nakakahiya sa konti ng shoes ko! My friends from school even notice how I only have this same pair of flats everytime we have events at school wherein we need not be in uniform.ย 

So today, after hearing mass with my lovable, lovely, loving family, we went on an unplanned shoe shopping spree! Di naman masyadong masaya ang lola niyo dahil I bought 2 pairs of pretty, candy-colored flats! SOOOPER YUMMY to the eyes! haha! SO to make the long story short, I haven’t really given myself the luxury to buy these many shoes in a longtime. Most of my clothes, or most of my stuff rather would take years before I could replace them. I’m the type of person to really make the most out of something (that didn’t sound exactly right). Sabihin na nating, I would not buy myself something new unless the things I use are worn out to the highest level!! As in, kelangan burado na yung design nung shirt or kelangan tanggal na yung soles nung shoes bago pa ako makabili ng bago. Actually, my father used to be like that too pero during the past few years, he had this fetishism for shoes. Ewan ko ba! hahaha!ย 

PHEW! that was long for a long story made short! anyway, I just bought these really nice pairs of flats for gimik days! And I must say, mararamdaman din nila ang naramdaman ng previous pairs of shoes ko! Ayaw nila yun? gamit na gamit! If we’d be wearing civilian clothes this summer (for review), I really do think I’d be using these over and over until their soles have come off already! What a sight! Ayoko muna i-predict hahahha! baka matakot sila bigla, magsilayas! hahaha!

SO here are my new pairs of shoes. the third pair is my sister’s btw!

omygawd shoes shempre kelangan may themesong:
thank God, mama, papa for these! I know I’ve said this already on my tumblr account, but I’m gonna say it again: manglilibre rin ako ng lahat ng gusto niyo once magkatrabaho kami! THANK YOU! MWAH!!

P.S. Tonight, before you guys go to bed, please pray for Japan and for the rest of the world. Time may be running out, so always be prepared, physically, mentally, emotionally and most expecially, spiritually! God bless us all!