of magic and inspiration!

Today, I did nothing but listen to new songs (tons of pure magic and talent through people who post their videos online). Thanks to youtube, they do not only get to share their talents worldwide, but they also get to inspire people through it!

So, today I was all about into chillin’ and discovering new talents (talent scout?) for a breath of fresh air and to feel some good vibes in the air (ano daw??!) haha. Good thing our president posted this one on our FB group and what a way to start our first day to freedom.. I mean first day of summer pala! summer na? hahaha
soooper bum song, isn’t it? bagay lang talaga sa ‘kin!

This one I discovered (and which I found so inspiring), from the awesome movie, Voyage of the Dawn Treader:
I sooper love the intro to this version, however, I liked the original version more!
and as the song says, “we can be the kings and queens of anything, if we believe!” ODIBA!
This next one is sooooper awesome, as in to highest level na talaga! Freelance Whales is a band I never knew existed ’til someone posted a link to this song on twitter! I seriously am in love with them (and trivia: Darren Criss’s bro is in it, I’m guessing he’s the one playing the banjo here)
Just the uniqueness and variety of the instruments they used made their music sound magical, and relaxing, and well, unique! Promise, ma-i-inlove kayo! Sana may mga ganitong ka-artistic na musicians sa Pinas noh?
another one…
and another one:
I also found him (I mean, my bro introduced him to me), yep pinakilala! hahaha. SUNGHA JUNG, the guitar genius! Someday, I promised myself, I’m gonna learn how to PLUCK the guitar like this kid, maybe even better than him…someday, but not today. HAHA! I could only do a few of those, but I guess I have no patience for it still. Ang kinarir ko lang eh yung intro ng “where are you now” try mo madali lang!
and another fave:
and this one…. I don’t know how he did it, the only thing I know is that halimaw siya or alien! hahaha! anggaling lang talaga! hahahaha
And finally, si AVRIL LAVIGNE! Yep she’s back!
You know, earlier today, I was just thinking how I didn’t like her latest single the first time I heard it. I AM A BIG AVRIL FAN, always have and always will, but I was disappointed when this first came out. I thought that this would actually be the first AL song that I wouldn’t like, but when I listened to it again today, I couldn’t ย move on to the next song! I listened to it while massaging my mom, before washing the dishes (ala badass rockstar pa with an imaginary mic on hand), while washing the dishes and after washing the dishes!! I couldn’t get myself to stop! So I guess I’ll never get tired of listening to avril after all! Been a fan of hers since 8 years ago when she came out with her first album up until now! I LOVE HER!
all my life i’ve been good, but, woah, what the hell!!
ALL I WANT IS TO MESS AROUND, and I don’t really care about!
plus she looks soooper sexy in this video pala! must have body this summer as if may time mag-beach eh!

and before I forget, I personally looked these guys up online (coz I was soooo addicted to this song nga diba?) and boy am I glad I found them coz they were sooooper awesome!! plus I love the cat which jumped back and forth in the background throughout the whole song! hahaha

OoOoPs! May isang song na pa-OP! Shempre di lang puro new songs, kelangan rin ng…..
This song, I remembered because of the song, :there’s a place for us” ( yep, that one i mentioned earlier). I found the two very similar since they’re both very catchy, inspirational and both came out of a fantasy movie!
so there, hope you guys love these as much as I do! Keep believing in magic and inspire others with it!

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