There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done…

For so long, i’ve waited for someone who would be able to make my heart beat faster and slower at the same time (haha magnanakaw ng line? -hot chick), but kidding aside, it’s very much a part of every girl’s dream to have that special someone in their lives who’d take care of them and who’d make them feel special even in the smallest and simplest of ways. I know, ‘coz it has been my dream as well to fall for someone who’d also fall for me. Yes, it’s that simple yet ironically, it can also be that complicated. 

This entry’s too uncomfortable to write (kasi baka may makabasa! hahahha! HELLO THERE!), but I have to since I’m on a 1 week leave on fb and twitter and I can’t talk to anyone but myself, so forgive me. 2-3 hours earlier, I started reading my good friend’s blog, and someone else’s and now, thanks to them both, I have realized that nothing’s perfect in a relationship except the two people for each other (ano daw?). I  know I said that I’ve waited too long or just long enough for love to find my way, but I also know myself too well that I won’t get into something unprepared or in a careless and selfish manner. Maybe because through my friends’ experiences, I have learned a lot and have become a little too afraid to risk anything to be part of something as special and as magical as love. 

Way, way back during the whole first ever PBB teen edition, Kim Chiu admitted on Philippine TV that she once fell in love and got hurt. Because of that, she became hesitant to fall in love once again because of the damage that it has brought to her heart. That time, I just wanted to tell everyone how I am so not ready to fall in love for the same reason and that is….because I’m afraid to get hurt…wala lang.. para lang pacute! ECHOS! But today, hypothetically speaking, I feel like if put in a situation wherein someone would come along and try to woo me (hypothetically lang! hahaha!), I would definitely try as hard as I may to push that person away not because I am playing hard-to-get or not because I am still in my pacute-Kim-Chiu phase, but because I am not prepared for the consequences of love….which all lead to one thing in the end…getting hurt. Pero sabi nga nila, hindi ka pwedeng ma-inlove ng hindi nasasaktan. Like what my rlemate told me… “Parte yan ng pag-ibig“. Curaazzee, why does the simplicity of love have to be so complicated and painful? Why do they say that love is the best feeling in the world yet andami-daming umiiyak dahil din sa love? Anggulo noh? Anyway, it’s 9:17 already. By now, I should have finished at least a selection in RC!!! Good thing I am still wide awake (thanks to nescafe!). Sana tumagal pa epek nito til tom! haha! no sleep tonight….

NOW PLAYING: every breath you take/chasing cars (MASHUP from JUST GO WITH IT ost)

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