BUMness chuvaness and cheverly

Obviously, not being able to log on to fb and twitter makes the mind a bit idle, so to compensate for whatever I am missing or not missing, I blog and reblog (tumblr)!

So here are a few random shots I took with my new fone… so parang sira lang talaga. 

ma and pa at tropical hut 03/19/11

creepy sala

okay fine, di na siya creepy… angganda eh
vain vain vain

super moon pero angliit!


my bed!!!

what’s magulo?!??!!?

spooky unfinished staircase!!

HIPHOP ABS habang nakaupo? liliit ba abs ko nang nakahiga? hahaha!


Earlier, I said that I’ve become my family’s semi-permanent maid, but not to make it official or anything, I just whipped up what I think may be the best masterpieces I’ve ever created in my whole life! For two days in a row, I have actually perfected two dishes (as in aprub sa aking sibs and hopefully kay papa, i haven’t checked yet): BEEF and Mushroom with gravy and BABY BACK RIBS!

beef, mushroom and gravy

beef and mushroom rice topping!

the perfect gravy!!

beef and mushroom again!

with butter!!

ribs broiling!


the marinade with tarragon bits!

the yummy finished product!

Hindi naman sa nagyayabang pero in all the years that I have been cooking (yehes, matagal na? haha), never have I cooked anything as sumptuous and mouth-watering (and to think that I haven’t cooked in a while because I was too busy in school and all).

Story behind Beef and Mushroom:
Back in high school, we loved these rice meals sold at our canteen. My personal favorite was their Beef and Mushroom with gravy and butter! I know I’ve tried this recipe a few times but I have never perfected the gravy! For some reason, the gravy always tasted too bland no matter how many seasonings I add into it, but last night, I don’t really know what has gotten into me, but it tasted like heaven! weh! HAHAHHA EXAGG! as if I’ve ever been there. I cannot describe how I felt perfecting the thing (siguro dahil effective nga na isama mo yung tapa meat juice na natira dun sa frying pan). Then I added milk, cornstarch and voila! We have a very tasty gravy!!

Story behind Baby Back Ribs:
This one I cannot really believe I cooked. My mom makes this, but I should say that mine tasted better! hahaha!! PEACE MAMA! So I took out this frozen meat from the freezer and not knowing what exactly it was, I let it thaw while I watched Doraemon and downloaded apps for my fone (which was addicting btw). When I found out that the meat was actually pork RIBS, I had this idea of making baby back ribs! So I looked up a few recipes on the internet (btw, I didn’t know that baby back ribs was just meat slathered with BBQ sauce! I thought that there was some secret sauce or something, MEGANON?). Unfortunately, we didn’t have BBQ sauce here so I looked for an alternative. Then I found this recipe with ingredients that I can manage to substitute with whatever stuff we have here at home.

So the recipe says to make a marinade out of: Worcestershire sauce, onions, mustard, ketchup, brown sugar etc…
The dilemma: I didn’t have any of those, so I made a marinade out of the following instead: Ketchup, white sugar, good ol’ soy sauce, osyter sauce, tarragon and cayenne pepper (the beef and mushroom I cooked last night was a bit  sooooo spicy so I didn’t add as much cayenne pepper this time!)

I boiled the meat before marinading in the improvised sauce and put it into the turbo broiler! And about 25 minutes later, we now have the BEST TASTING-made-by-an-amateur BABY BACK RIBS!! In fair Verona (in fairness!), this tasted deliciouso!! How I wish I could cook this again another time and not be just a one-time-bigtime chamba!

So there you go, I still have laundry to do so adieu!!! Have a great day!


So last night, I was busy cooking dinner that I didn’t feel the quake at all, though both my brother and sister did. Apparently, I had to attend to some yaya duties and apparently, I’m gonna be the maid for this week since manang hasn’t come home yet (see previous entries). So far, I’ve been doing the same yaya duties like cleaning the house and washing the dishes like I do on regular weekends, however, since I am now on a week’s vacation from school, and since everyone else has to go to work or to school, I “had” to take responsibility of becoming the “taong bahay” and the semi-permanent house maid. So aside from sweeping and mopping the house clean, washing the dishes, cooking lunch and dinner, I also had to take on a few more chores (which aren’t easy at all): doing the freakin’ family laundry and if I’d allow myself to (allow myself, echosera!), do the ironing as well. All I wanted was to be a bum for a week, but look what I got? I just wanna do nothing at all and stay in bed all day, but why did you have to give me chores to attend to? Oh well, what choice do I have right? Having already stated the obvious, I guess I just have to work my ass off. Plus, I got a little something something so maybe that means I had to at least pay for whatever that is by not bumming around… labo

Silver lining: Maybe this could take my mind off things that are bugging me lately. 
Plus, silver lining #2: Doing chores can also help me tone a few muscles here and there… workout ba.. odiba, hitting two birds with one stone! 


I’ve always liked maroon5 ever since they came out back in….I cannot remember when… and
I can honestly say that aside from Avril Lavigne’s “Keep Holding On”, “Sunday Morning” is what I play and sing best with the guitar (thanks to Adam Levine’s naturally high-pitched voice–di na kelangan i-adjust for female singers—-YEHES? SONGER KA TEH?) ahh basta…. reach na reach ang voice.. and wow pala avril lavigne, adam levine!!! NOICE!!!

And this song just has this feel good vibe, plus I found the acoustic version to this song (well, kat found it, and I made gaya and downloaded it too)… DOUBLE SOOPER FEEL GOOD VIBE! Promise, listen to the acoustic version and it definitely won’t make you leave yerr bed!!
PERO YOWN! SOOPER LOVE this song! Diba? Don’t you just love it?
P.S. panget pa ata yung chords sa UG! must look for good chords!! Must learn how to play this!

You push me, I don't have the strength to
Resist or control you
So take me down
Take me down

You hurt me, but do I deserve this
You make me so nervous
Calm me down
Calm me down

Wake you up in the middle of the night to say,
I will never walk away again
I never gonna leave this bed

So come here and never leave this place
Perfection of your face
Slows me down
Slows me down
So fall down I need you to trust me
Go easy, don't rush me


Help me out why don't you help me out

Wake you up in the middle of the night to say,
I will never walk away again
I'm never gonna leave this bed
Oh anekatips so you say go
It isn't worth it and I say no
It isn't perfect so I stay and still
I'm never gonna leave this bed

Take it, take it all take all that I have
I'd give it all away just to get you back
And fake it, fake it I'll take what I can get
Knocking so loud, can you hear me yet?
Try to stay awake but you can't forget

Wake you up in the middle of the night to say,
I will never walk away again
I never gonna leave this bed
You say go
It isn't worth it and I say no
It isn't perfect so I stay and still
I'm never gonna leave this bed uuuuuh

Take it, take it all take all that I have