Just a few hours ago, I talked to my longtime friends on facebook through personal messaging. In both conversations (yes, I had two separate convos with them tonight since we weren’t able to meet up online, all at the same time), I actually became more of a counselor rather than the one being counselled (since most of the time, I was the one who needed counselling). Anyway, the first online convo I had was with my best friend, and we talked about love and all the frustrations that came with it, while the next one, with our other kabarkada, was more on beauty/insecurities. 

To tell you the truth, everytime my friends and I have deep conversations like these, I tend to just keep my mouth shut since I am no expert on love/ beauty or any problem/issue for that matter. I’m just not the opinionated type, but tonight, I realized that somehow, through these conversations, I slowly discover that I make a good counselor/listener after all. I also thank them for appreciating the time I’ve spent listening to whatever they had to say and for giving them words of encouragement that I know they need!

I also used to have a lot of really deep, late night, facebook talks with my best friend and I can honestly say that I am proud of whatever has come out of my mouth (or what my hands have typed) and told her in the past and earlier this evening. Hopefully, she’ll just take my word for it and won’t stop believing! 

Aside from that, I also had another talk with another friend (as I’ve said) and it was really helpful/therapeutic both to me and to her (hopefully!), since she admitted it herself. To cut to the chase, I was able to let her let it all out, to verbalize whatever it was she needed to bring out of her. Good enough, she was able to entrust to me her deepest and darkest sorrows. I’m telling you, this has got to be our best and most meaningful conversation yet, in a longtime that we’ve been friends and I appreciate the fact that she was really grateful for that, so thank you Lord. I would not have been that mushy and helpful without your help (as always!).

So basically, I’d just like to blame Aphrodite for being the goddess of Love and Beauty. It surely sucks to be loveless and ugly. Good thing we’re all pretty and happy in our individual lives… ows?? hahahha! eh bakit may convos na ganun kung wala eh? gets mo na yan!! Anyway, I really need to sleep now…. must do pref card tomorrow or later when I wake up at 4am!!! Good night!! 

LOVE LOVE LOVE! and emo!!!!

Recently, or should i say, yesterday, i stumbled upon (yet again) another classmate’s blog, but since I promised I won’t give out her blog’s URL, her secret’s probably just much better off safe in my bookmarked list of blogs! Anyway, I just got home an hour and 3o minutes ago from school! It’s our last lecture day ever! as in EVER! next week’s gonna be just 2 days of duty in the ward and our final FINALS!! Before we had lunch earlier, my friend, Mara and I paid our last tuition fee as well! To tell you the truth, I’ve been kinda waiting for these last LASTs for so long, but as they always say, time flies fast and the end has finally come… Usually I’d get emotional especially since I am very sentimental and I easily get attached to people, even to places, really, so UST, I am surely gonna miss every corner, every street and every kainan and carinderias you’ve introduced me to… This sucks, I am listening to Pink’s fuckin perfect as we speak and I know, in few minutes time, a teardrop’s gonna fall out of my eye, but I’ll try to keep it steady in my lacrimal ducts! Whew thank God for Katy Perry’s Teenage dream (oh no! this is way more sentimental than fuckin perfect, what the hell’s wrong with me?!?!)… now back to regular programming… i’ve been ranting randomly again…

Kidding aside, I’d definitely miss everything about UST. I’ve had my worst and best days here, found both old and new friends here, had first ever guy friends here, first (?) ate at a carinderia here… I could think of a lot of first things I did here and now, I’d have to come up with a list of LASTs and it hurts (you know!) hahaha! 

And speaking of hurts, I’ve also had a lot of those while in college for the last 4 years. I’ve cut my leg while passing thru somewhere going to school. I slammed my face thru a tent’s frame while subject finding for thesis last year, I got rejected (indirectly) by a crush (eewww), I had another crush who crushes on another (ouch!) and many many more, I could barely type those anymore, but without those, I surely wouldn’t have been able to learn not to pass thru unsafe shortcut routes, or to stop, look and listen before walking or to crush on someone more humble. Thank God for getting me through those tough situations! I can’t imagine life without Him being there for me. Thank you!

As far as I know, I’ve also said that aside from having worst moments, I also had those best moments in college. I’ve been part of the top 20 students (ranked 12 actually) of pharmacology (first grading hahaha ningas kugon!), I’ve gotten to know the BEST people I could not imagine life without. I’ve had my first ever admirer (kelangan talaga sinasama? pero ibang entry na lang yun! next time!) hahaha! I’ve also had the best CI’s whom I really learned a lot from! SO thank you Lord for those!! 

SO to sum it all up! God has given me a great opportunity by letting me get in UST college of nursing, 4 years ago. I have no regrets whatsoever. I just need to move forward, utilize what I have learned in the past and Do whatever I can today! I know I am gonna be successful one day if not today, so I am sooo looking forward to the future and I am not letting any moment pass without me having to work hard on whatever I need to work hard on! ANO DAW?!?!?! now i’m just speaking rubbish but what the hell, you know what I mean! Everyone gets this feeling of having the ability to conquer the world every once in a while and this is my moment of triumph (as i listen to pink’s fuckin’ perfect on repeat mode!). This song is so empowering and motivating, I hate it for making me give myself false hopes…again!! ngek, but still, thank God for everything! Thank you family and friends for giving all the encouragement and moral support that I needed throughout those 4 effing years!! Again, I am proud to be a Thomasian and a THOMASIAN NURSE!!!



I MISS BLOGGING so much, but even though I’ve got tons of stories to tell, I don’t think I have that much time to share all that. This one, I don’t even consider to be a blog entry at all… I think it’s more of a test-your-.GIF-image-online entry. so here it goes.. I hope it works!! right now, i’m wearing this incredibly cheap jersey of lakers superstar pau gasol (which i bought in divi for our school’s QUADRI parade) while doing the famous hwangbo dance step (which 3 of my classmates love!)! hahahha! *CROSSES FINGURS*

woohooo! it works!! hahahha!