I’ve been hearing this song version of Taylor Swift around. I heard it at the mall earlier, in the car twice this weekend and I recently learned the chords to it and now I’m totally LSS-ed! The chords pretty much goes around G-Am-C-D. It’s so easy to play, I love it! It probably is the easiest Taylor Swift song I learned, even easier than Love story. 

Well anyway, what’s new this 17th of December 2010? What’s new is that Hubert Webb has been set free after 15 years of imprisonment, what’s new is that I have bought a faded pair of jeans (which looked a lot like my mom’s pants way, way, way, way back during her late 20’s), what’s new is that I’ll be celebrating my last ever PASKUHAN as a college student of University of Santo Tomas later today! 

It’s 1:38 am. I know I should be as good as snoring soundly by this time but probably due to the excess energy (after doing all that walking and dodging crazy last-minute-Christmas-shoppers at the mall earlier) I have left in me, I just  couldn’t get myself to sleep. For some reason, I feel so high. KIDDING! I don’t feel sleepy at all! To tell you the truth, my eyes are not even that heavy at all, though my body aches already.

ANyway, I should try to force myself to sleep now or forever regret the day I slept at my own Christmas party. I am looking forward to this day since I don’t know when…I wish it would go beyond my expectations and make me feel happy for the rest of the break!!! HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! God bless you all!!!

P.S. Thank you Lord for all the food that I ate today! HAHA! for all the things you allowed me to buy and for the ALL THE LOVE around me! I wish everyone would be happy on your special day!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!