scaredy-cat-cat-cat meow!

I’m a big scaredy-cat, fearer of the unknown, coward, whatever you may want to call it. I fear almost anything from stray dogs to domesticated ones, to snakes and all types of reptiles and animals alike, to ghosts, to whatever I imagine’s under my bed at night to the creepy sound of our dorm room’s blinds smashing to the window to homeless people… I could go on and on, but I’d like to finish this entry in at least 15 minutes. But apart from those concrete and tangible, mostly nonsensical fears that I have, I also fear for imaginary situations I picture myself in, some time in the future. Shempre etong entry na to, may pinaghuhugutan… While browsing through celeb tweets, I found THIS:

Though I’m pretty sure (I hope so) I won’t work as a maid (not that I am degrading them, I do have so much respect for them and their job), I know that one day, I will work as a regular employee too just as this woman did, and I know that one way or another, I may face difficulties/problems regarding my own employer as well. What scares me really is that one day, I may find myself in a sticky situation which I may not be prepared for. As much as I’d like to think that the world is an idealistic place as it is, I know that this is not true. People die of hunger whilst others live indifferently in luxury. Others work 3 jobs for sustenance while others need not work a day in their lives. In short, the world and life itself are not fair. Like in this case of the Pinay maid, she was accused of theft and rude behavior by her employer who is a member of the British royal family and got sacked unfairly. This is just one out of hundreds or even thousands of cases of people abused by their own employers. This fellow Pinay is even lucky she was not physically abused nor sentenced to death nor wrongly convicted and sent to jail. 

In a way, I feel sympathetic for this woman since I also dream of working abroad. If I’m not too careful, I may (knock knock on wood) be in this woman’s shoes may it be because of my own fault or not. So to cut this entry short, I am just glad she got justice on her side and won the case against her employer. 

May this serve as a reminder that in the face of the many challenges in our lives, may we always find courage and faith to stand up for ourselves and our rights as human beings. and…May all of our kababayans abroad who gave up a lot just to be able to send good food on their families’ tables be blessed and protected by God always. May all of our kababayans who wish to work abroad like I do, may find strength to withstand all hardships, fears and trials they may face in the future… 

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