cartoon frenzy=reminiscing

So here’s the thing, FB’s been dominated by cartoon heroes of all time… it’s wild, crazy and it takes us a “few” years back! This is so exciting.. It’s as exciting as what I had in mind since a few minutes ago. I was planning on maintaining privacy on this blog from now on. HOW? I was thinking, instead of giving away personal information such as real names of people, places and whatever has PROPER nouns on them, I would be substituting code names for them. This idea was inspired by her although I’m not sure if the names of her family or just his husband are their real names or not… but even so, I was still fascinated by the idea and starting now onwards, I shall be called the great MONSTER SIOMAI!! HAHAHA! 

This is sick, i’m sorry, but I just want to maintain weirdness and privacy over here and here at my other blog.

So that’s it for now….


P.S. this is how FB looks right now-na-na…

P.S. part II: this is my 4th and last post for the day… PROMISE!

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