I was kinda hoping that today’s going to be such a downer like yesterday. Fortunately, I’m too much of a happy person (like all of my RBC’s have happy faces on them and they flow through my body and bring happiness to my whole being) that I don’t get upset that long. Yesterday, I was so emotional  that I had those moments staring blankly at the ceiling and kept thinking and rethinking of whatever the hell I did yesterday (see previous post), but since I was able to let it out (by praying and sharing it to some stranger), I do feel so much better right now. I may really have a bipolar disorder for having such extreme emotions shift from one to another. But I think that being able to express it through blogging and praying is more than a hundred notches higher than beating myself up or keeping everything to myself to pile up and explode later. 

ANywhooo, I am glad that I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will never ever stop committing mistakes in this lifetime and boy am I even happier that I have gotten past that stage of depression and went straight to acceptance phase. Now, I am nothing like what I’ve been yesterday. I was able to laugh at myself again and have moved on. Finally. Thank God and for my friends and for myself. Still, I wanna graduate already and get this over with! drama ko talaga, i love it.