Classes are what?!?!??!

i was supposed to post this yesterday when i got home, unfortunately, globe boradband’s been acting up again…

Today I woke up at around 3:30, panicking because I need to be in school by 8 am for our Psychiatric Nursing enrichment classes (on our first week of sembreak, which sucks bigtime). I needed to wake up earlier because I was at home and not at my dorm (which is walking distance away from school), and rain was pouring (because signal #1 sa metro), so I presumed that it was going to be tough commuting back to school. Good thing my parents (as usual) drove us (Kat and I) to school this morning. We left at around 5:30 with German franks and Sky Flakes on hand. We had to eat on the way to school since matatraffic kami pag later than 5:30 pa kami umalis.

I got to school at around 6:10 (at ngayon ko lang narealize, woah ambilis!). Lied down for about 30 minutes (or so). Did #2 (if you know what i mean!). Then went back to lying down. At around 7:30, I decided to fix my hair and wash my face and brush my teeth (kasi kumain pa sa sasakyan) since may pasok pa rin. Quarter to 8, I was walking to school. 8:20, the proctor entered. By 9:30 ata, we had our break. Ate a hotdog and champorado. By 11 am, people were becoming restless (again), then people started making a fuss somewhere in front. SUspended na raw kasi yung class! So our president stood up and told the proctor. She asked if he could check and confeeeeerm at the office. By 12 noon, enrichment class was GONE BABY GONE!

I went home at 1pm. Slept through the whole bus ride going home. Jarred and slammed my head (potek kada gising ko feeling ko nakatingin yung katabi nung katabi ko sa bus kasi natutulog rin yung katabi ko eh) a couple of times by the bus window(!) before finally reaching ortigas extension….I’m HOME!

Busy and tiring day! Now I need to finish a LOT of stuff for our 1st thesis draft due the day after tomorrow. So there shall be no sleeping (again for me) tonight! God bless our souls!