life’s a big paradox

One moment you’re happy, then all of a sudden, something comes along and bursts that small bubble of happiness. Though the perfect reason and explanation i can think of for this is the need for balance (something good is balanced by something not so good), it might not be true for God and for some people who are 100% OPTIMIST. Shempre for them, when something bad comes their way, iisipin nila na it’s probably just a way to test their faith in the Lord. Pero if you’re like me, someone who worries, panics and seems to be tired all the time, iisipin mo na it’s punishment for all the things you did or did not do. Good thing, Mara, one of my dearest college friends reminded me that God never punishes anyone. It’s just a matter of interpreting all the things, good or bad in a positive way. So it got me thinking, “oonga noh?”. One way or another, we all face our own problems everyday. Some people may seem to have none, when deep inside mas mabigat pa yung dinadala nilang problema, but they manage to remain as lighthearted, bubbly and happy even so. How on earth do they do that? SIMPLE, just have FAITH and everything will fall into place. 

It’s simple yet It’s tough, I know, another paradox right? and I know exactly how that one feels kasi I’m still there and doing my best to do just that. Everyday I try to keep a light mood and happy face ‘coz no matter what, I know my problems will never go away. Echos na lang mga probs mo to the side noh. Until that day comes when I breathe my last breath, my problems will keep on coming. So ano pa bang gagawin ko diba? Magpakasaya ka na lang. 

From this day on (kasi if not now, kelan pa?) I’ll try to be MORE positive in life. Emphasis on the word MORE, since I always say and think of myself as someone with a positive outlook in life. SO maybe I should try living up to what I believe in and what I stand up for. Kasi ayoko namang paradoxical na nga yung buhay ko, pati ba naman yung words and actions ko contradictory pa rin diba? 

Anyway, this post wasn’t supposed to end this way. It wasn’t even supposed to be about this, coz it was about something else (labo). Pero yun, I should know that life is FUN, EXCITING and CRAZY and it wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for all of these paradoxical things I complain about. So there. pointless entry na naman! 

Reminder for myself: Just be happy (like you always are). Be with funny yet good-hearted people. Lastly, just have FAITH! 

P.S. the homily today is about having FAITH. So appropriate, I love it!

Have a great MONDAY you guys! God bless you all!