worst feeling ever…

You know what’s the worst feeling ever? Having a full stomach that feels like food’s at the level of your throat ready to be thrown up anytime.. That’s exactly how i’m feeling right now. My roommate, Caks and I went to the famed Dapitan square to have dinner and we ended up buying extra servings of rice, kare-kare and steamed fish. I never thought I would end up almost not being able to stand up on both feet and almost close to fainting.

And as if that’s not bad enough, I fought with one of my rlemates whom I’ve grown close with over the semester, again. I honestly didn’t think it would hurt her that much that I have sort of and slightly dissed the show she was enthusiastically sharing with us this morning. I was probably being my insensitive self again said the wrong things carelessly. What’s worse is that she overheard me telling off my seatmates rudely and jokingly as to why they were bullying me again. Thinking that it was her I was being rude at, she made a sooper scary comment. Anyway, I apologized before we parted ways. I’m not sure though if she accepted it. I wasn’t really expecting her to be mad at me like this. It was yet another shallow thing to be this mad at a person, but then again, who am I to say this right? 

As much as I would want to dwell on it and be depressed again, I don’t want to because I don’t want to ruin my day because of just one person. There are way too many other things that I need to think about and if she doesn’t forgive me, then it’s her decision and I can’t force her to forgive me if she doesn’t want to. Besides, I am so tired of people being so awfully sensitive these past weeks. I am so tired of getting on people’s nerves all the time. I am tired of accidentally being other people’s bagsakan ng problema or init ng ulo though I can’t blame them if we’re all a bit pressured with all the schoolwork, not to mention the personal dilemmas and the THESIS that needs accomplishing before the semestral break. 

SO Lord, thank you for this day. Thank you for the FOOD we ate. thank you for the people I’ve hurt today. Without them, I wouldn’t have learned another valuable lesson for today. Hopefully I become more sensitive to the people around me, even though they don’t always do the same for me…. God bless us all.

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