Earlier, I was checking out movie trailers like Unbreakable (M. Night Shyamalan), Unstoppable, Despicable Me, One flew over The Cuckoo’s Nest etc. The last one yielded a related video documentary about the infamous lobotomist, Walter Freeman. 

Yes, you read that right. INFAMOUS. According to the documentary, he specialized on this procedure only after a week of mastering it. Walter’s son elaborated that during the very first time the surgery was done, an icepick was inserted into the patient’s eye socket and jammed with a hammer into the skull and wiggled into the patient’s brain. The patients develop black eyes after the procedure.

I watched the whole thing and I learned that even Walter’s co-surgeons passed out if they didn’t threw up during the procedure. I was freaked out while watching the actual videos of his surgeries. It was so intense, I was covering a part of my eye during the latter part of the video. You can see it for yourself and learn about the wonderful world of Psychiatry!

Also, at the beginning of the video, you will see the nurse prepping the very first patient to undergo lobotomy under Dr. Walter and how she underwent ECT or Electroconvulsive Therapy (wherein they introduce around 70-100 volts of electricity into the patient’s head to induce a therapeutic grand mal or tonic clonic seizure).

I got curious as to what the movie, One flew over the cuckoo’s nest was all about since my groupmates watched the film on one duty day we missed because we had our own completion duty at Fabella Hospital. It was the last day of our NCMH affiliation duty and it was a film viewing day. 

Tomorrow will be the start of our last shift for this semester. I will be missing NCMH and our cab trips to Mandaluyong and the once-in-a-lifetime experience we had there. It was definitely a different learning experience for me and the rest of my groupmates. This last shift for the semester, my best friend, Nikki will be assigned to the same Pavilion we were assigned to (Acute ward). Hopefully she enjoys the experience as much as I did. 

P.S. This is the docu. just the sound of the background music gives me the creeps…

i bumped my head into one of someone’s ceiling beams today…

Last night, my high school friends met up at galle to celebrate JUCI’s 21st birthday! My thesismates and I extended our meeting time up until around 6:30 in the evening, so I had no choice but to run haggardly along lacson street to UST catwalk to meet up with Nikki, before we took the LRt to gateway. Then we took a fun cab ride to galle (fun because the cab’s engine kept dying atop the flyover at Edsa Shrine).

The dinner was short, crazy but nevertheless, FUN! I love it. Though we only had at least an hour to get together, I’m glad that I we still managed to spend time together, with no one missing! I’m also glad that though it is almost impossible to squeeze in any fun UBE moments in between our hectic schedules, we still manage to do so, out of love for one another. MUSHY but it’s true. (you cannot imagine what great measures and stunts we pulled off just so we could arrive before the mall closed and got Juci disappointed!).

Anyway, Juci, the birthday girl, treated us at Burgoo and I loved everything (shempre ako pa! lahat naman gusto ng sikmura ko lalo na’t gutom!) From the chicken appetizer with blue cheese dip, veggie roll, CHEESY MASHED POTATO, pizza and seafood pasta! I told you I loved everything. Just naming them makes my mouth water!! Meeting time was 6pm ata, we arrived at around 9:30 naaa coz we (Nik, Jan and I) had to run to NBS pa to buy balloons!! We even helped out with the balloon sticks just so we could finish faster. (gosh bakit ganito ako mag-talk ngayon?).

Boy, am I glad that though we only had more or less an hour to be together, we were still able to have fun and get loud, wild and crazy! 

Last time I posted birthday pictures here was at Chris’s place last July. I wonder where we’ll be on Jan’s Birthday. I really wonder how we’re gonna celebrate hers when she’s in Dumaguete!! oh nooo!

At around 45 minutes past 9, Juci suddenly realized that she still hasn’t claimed her stuff at the package counter. The mall closes at 9pm! So we had to get those at the employee’s entrance behind the mall. At around 10 pm, aside from a few employees, the four of us (because Chris had to go ahead) walked our way out of the almost empty mall. 

HAD a SWELL TIME YESTERDAY! I love my friends soooo much!

Today, I had to wake up as early as 6 am to text our study’s pilot participants and leave for school at around 7:30 am. Had a quick breakfast with my family and checked facebook before I finally took the G-liner. An hour and a half later, I was preparing the papers needed for the pilot study. At around 1 pm, we’re done. Will go back to them tomorrow before our duty starts at 12 noon!

Tonight, I have tons of stuff to study! Hopefully I won’t go to school unarmed tomorrow! I need to stay awake for the rest of the night. Will listen to DJ Tom Alvarez later!!

P.S., I read one of Paolo Coelho’s tweets earlier and through him, I learned about the story of the Fisherman and the Businessman. To tell you the truth, I needed that! It was very timely of Paolo (yehes, first name basis) to tweet that, now that I am almost through with college and I have no idea what to do next! Hopefully, you guys get to read it and be inspired as well! 

Good night! Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Toodles!