hear ye, hear ye!

The semester’s about to end…

Ex-batchmates from lasalle are about to graduate… some already have… and yet here I am, still clueless as to what I have to do for our thesis to finally push through…

that does sound a little bit poetic, doesn’t it? But it sort of just came out as I am slowly typing this. A few hours earlier, I read and re-read my rlemate’s blog. She has finally updated after 4 months. Then, I stumbled upon an entry of ala paredes’ latest entry about people being judgmental and all. Then after that, I started looking for other celebrity blogs that I used to visit before. Lo and behold, they’ve all updated their blogs as well. I also visited some of my ex-batchmates’ blogs, thus the reason for my reminiscent and emo intro…

This week is the beginning of an end. Quite ironic and unoriginal (i got this from one of laguna beach’s episode titles), this is, but it’s the truth. Slowly, the semester’s coming to an end. The days might have seem long and tiring, but when I come to think of it, I would never have thought that 3 months have already come to pass. I always say and think at the beginning of every scheduled hospital shift, “this is going to be a long one…”, but I would always take whatever I said back in the end saying otherwise.

I never even realized that the final grading period has come if it wasn’t for my etar professor who acknowledged that very fact! I was caught up with all the pressures in school that I often get disoriented with time (which isn’t a good sign at all). Suddenly, I was awakened by the fact that the monthly and preliminary grading periods have passed by like a breeze and This FINAL grading period is also my last chance to make up for what I have lost. I never thought that time would fly this fast. At the beginning of the school year, I could still remember having high quiz grades, but now, I have slowly been taken aback by my performance. Well, not really. I was expecting this to happen. Hopefully, I can still change that and won’t let myself fall down in vain. I should try to work as hard as I can to reach my goals, this time! I can still do this! I just have to have faith and strive HARDER!!!

please Lord, Help us all!Β 

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