I was sooooo exhausted the whole week of exam week so I am 100% sure I can rest even for just a couple of hours. Saturday, July 24 was the last day of our first shift (which was somehow a rest shift). It was Case presentation + Evaluation exam all packed into a half day. Then, I had to go canvass invitation prices in Central Market (going to Quiapo) before I had my first meal of the day (around 4pm) and ate 2 orders of a cheaper version of Mongolian noodles. Before that I washed my underwear and let them drip dry inside our dorm room (I wonder what my roommates will say about that). 5pm, I got a text from Nikki (whom I was waiting for) saying she had to go to a meeting with her thesis-mates and told me to go ahead. So i went to Quiapo and took the bus home. 

Around 7-8pm, I got off the bus and walked towards the apartment, saw my parents walking after parking the car. I was sooo tired, I didn’t eat dinner and to add to that, I yelled at my mother. The next day, they didn’t wake me up while they started chowing down on breakfast (how funny). Then I finally got up and ate chicken longganisa!! Made up with my mother (jokingly) and went to mass after bathing. 

SOOOO right now, I’m still up maybe because I slept for so long, I have reserved energy for blogging! Made my BNP paper, pissed our class president, started a trending thread on Fb with my girl-rlemates about what to wear on wednesday and the wednesday after that and the wednesday after that. so far, we all decided to wear colored jeans for a scary-funny reason. Some don’t have so I don’t think we can all wear a pair. Mama Bought A nice pair of oversized, black “Jessica”-jelly shoes with a purple ribbon (i can change to other colored ribbons) and a nice bag organizer from a budding brand from SM marikina dept store called GRAB for my roommate, Caks. 

It was a fun day! I LOVE SUNDAYS, coz sundays are family days!!!!! I LOVE my family! Thank God for them, for this day, and for this life!! I love you!

P.S. I had my first ever haircut since late last year? All those months I’ve waited to make my hair long were wasted! But I’m glad the girl asked if I wanted side-swept bangs (which was a first).  So thank God for that as well!

hair isn’t that short, but still, I miss my longer, frizzy hair!
my legs look sooper skinny here. exagg.. ganito na pinayat ko over the exam week? and
btw, those are the shoes (for baha sa uste) mama bought kanina!
top from forever21 (borrowed from kat, as usual)

God bless you all! Hope you had a fun day too!!! Good night! shooping day with barkada on aug7!! can’t wait!!

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