friends forever…

You know, when my literature professor told us that one cannot have too many friends, I believed in him. He said that you can have as much acquaintances as you want but it’s not the same when it comes to friends. 

Today, I am blessed to have people come and go as I make my way through this life, but it is because of these people (my family and relatives and longtime friends) that I am truly thankful for this life. Thank God for making my life a bit easier to endure…thanks for them…

yesterday, nikki, juci, jan and chris’ family organized a surprise party for her 21st birthday. and all i can say is that though there was a little twist in the plan, it still ended perfectly. 

i never knew that i could love someone the way that i love you…. 
-ben rector

while waiting for chris 

c/o juci and jan

imported from dangwa



balang araw…
victim/birthday girl

with the birthday girl..

birthday ko??

forever friends….. ika nga ng
bowling for soup,
“high school never ends”

God is good. all the time!

photos by Nikki, Jan, Juci and Cel!

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