we are young

MIKA, who also happened to be one of my favorites sang the Kick Ass soundtrack single, “Kick Ass (We are Young). The whole soundtrack is worth listening to, but this one tops them all definitely. Enjoy!

We are young
We are strong
We’re not looking for where we belong
We’re not cool
We are free
And we’re running with blood on our knees
We could rule the world
On a silver platter
From the wrong to the right light
To an open stream
With a crash and burn
We could make it better
Turn it upside down
Just you and me
We are the dream
No other way
To be
We are young
We are strong
We’re not looking for where we belong
We’re not cool
We are free
And we’re running with blood on our knees
I could change the world
I could make it better
Kick it up and down
Take a chance on me
When you fake a smile
And you think you’re better
Gonna put it down
Rip (…) it at your feet
No bridge to burn
Nowhere to turn
For me
We are young
We are strong
We’re not looking for where we belong
We’re not cool
We are free
And we’re running with blood on our knees
What do they know about us?
Are they thinking of somebody else?
Are they wondering what we might be?
Are they thinking of you or of me?
We are young
We are strong
We’re not looking for where we belong
We’re not cool
We are free
And we’re running with blood on our knees

Folding clothes playlist

No folding clothes is not an album, silly. It is actually what I am doing now that the clothes (some of which i have handwashed and machine washed yesterday, would you believe it? now i have blistahs on muh finguhs) have been hanged dry and now that it is going to rain again. Angry, roaring skies we have today…

So here’s a few songs I listened to while obviously, folding clothes….

  1. Click click click click – bishop allen/ allen bishop
  2. near to you – a fine frenzy
  3. you picked me – a fine frenzy
  4. love like that – the heavy
  5. you’ve lost that loving feeling – hall and oates (of course)
  6. the girl you lost to cocaine – sia (don’t know why i dl-ed this)
  7. just a little more love – david guetta
  8. run, barbie run – earserheads
  9. sweet november – tegan and sarah
  10. get to you – james morrison
  11. lovely day – bill withers

PINK is not the new YELLOW..

But, what the heck, I’m liking pink nowadays. Okay this is really getting out of hand since this is my third entry for the day and it’s not even lunch time yet. It’s my third entry for this morning. Anyway, Yesterday while we were taking a break at crepes and cream or whatevs, I kept of glancing back at the body shop store nearby. (btw, White musk has a new packaging). And I couldn’t help but notice the stack on the window facing crepes and cream. They organized their products in a way that the pink ones go to one shelf and the purple ones go to another. Okay, in short, they color-coded their store and I just couldn’t resist looking at the pink stacked shelf. Anyway, If I haven’t told you yet. I never liked pink while growing up contrary to the fact that most girls do. However, I learned recently that I might have a liking for PINK after all. It’s not like I’m a late-bloomer but I really do at this age of almost 21. I loved the color blue for almost half my lifetime, and really loved yellow when I entered college and now, as much as I’ve hated it before, I’m currently infatuated with the color pink. not yet in love though. So I’ve looked for a lot of pink and girly stuff alike and here’s what I found. 

cute vintage pink fone. Papa used to have a fone like this in the office. not pink of course.

cutie cutie pup. saw a bunch of them yesterday at moa and tiende.


awesome cake.

hot ride!


one of my fave mtv shows

pinky pink

dream bag

cutie and you know what else is cute but isn’t pink?


these guys!!!

and btw, as we speak, these two teams are in the fight for championship.. i think.
credits for the photos:

"bakit sabon?"

“Eh kasi surfac—” I hesitated to answer when my brother asked kung bakit daw sabon yung binubuhos sa dagat sa oil spill sa Romblon ngayon. I hesitated not because I don’t think he’s familiar with the term, but because I know this term yet I am not sure. Soap is a surfactant. It is a substance which is amphiphilic (according to our Chemistry professors and wikipedia). Ampiphilic meaning it has both a hydrophobic (water-hating?) tail and hydrophilic (water loving) head. So to cut this whole feeling geeky mode short, Soap can be used to remove sebo on our dishes and kalderos because the hydrophobic end which is soluble in organic substances (thanks again wikipedia) attaches to oil while the hydrophilic head attaches to water. When you wash the oil covered plates and utensils the oil which is holding on to the tail of the surfactant gets washed off since naka attach sila sa tubig. gets? 

This is probably one of the lessons that I loved when I took up chemistry back in first year college. 
this one’s already a micelle which is just a bunch of surfactants put together and said “let’s volt in!”

It’s sort of like this catdog situation. Imagine the cat bites on imaginarily at the oil while the dog bites on to the water. When the water drains down into the sink, it will take the oil with it thanks to the catdog err surfactant i mean, a.k.a. the soap. odiba?

Same thing with the recent Romblon retrieval operations. They were using soap to wash of the oil at the sea, which may still be a bad idea though. The detergent will only likely to worsen the problem since it’s not good for the fishes and corals as well. 


MV Princess of the Stars ship upside down in Romblon. This ship gives me the creeps.

Anyway, I’m glad I’ve finally cleared some of the million questions in my head. This is good. I’m starting to get back on school mode. When this term gets asked in the Board exams next year, I would probably remember this entry and smile.


The sun is shining brightly outside again today, Yay, thank God. I promise I won’t complain of the hot weather just as long as the house finishes on time. Anyway, Yesterday, we brought some of my stuff (1st batch) back to my dorm. Apparently, I was the first to litter our neatly clad room. Then we went straight to Moa to have lunch. We ate at Tokyo Cafe because mama was literally stopped in amazement by the fake food display they have at the front. The resto was not that intimidating (apparently, some resto managers interviewed yesterday in “ang pinaka-budget friendly tsibugan” episode used this term alternately with non-threatening when it comes to describing their restos, which is good for customers like me who hates fine dining type of restos!) and the whole feel of it seems really good (not intimidating at all). It’s also amusing that when a customer comes in, everyone will yell out “Konichiwaaa!!”. So funny. Anyway, The food was basically Italian! I knew that we surely read it right (TO-KI-YO), but we saw that from the outside display pa lang na they serve pasta, pizza and some American dishes like the chicken and fries plate etc. SO anyway, there weren’t any sushi or maki on the menu (unless I’ve skipped a page or so), but their food was amazing. I loved mine anyway. I had their Napolitan pasta which had a “new” sign right on top of it. Its description said, it’s just a ketchup sauce+ham+bacon+bell pepper+mushroom pasta. One of the Japanese faves apparently (really?). It tasted really sour (which I love in authentic pasta dishes—pure tomatoes) while my brother ordered the chicken and cheese dish (so kfc), except that their mozzarella is real. My sister ordered this spicy chicken dish I do not know the name of. My father and mother shared in a garlic and shrimp pasta and salisbury steak (all of which i tasted). Most of their dishes (or the ones we ordered) were spicy. Even mine was spicy but everything tasted good. Worth your money if you ask me. 

After lunch, we headed to National Bookstore to get one of Kat’s books for the term. went looking around for a new book. went to the arts and photography section, then opened a few house ideas and color schemes books, checked out some bestselling books, 2 of which were written by Palahniuk (which I got the title of and will look for a free ebook version later) and some Phil lit books (which I love) and some books about movie posters and the beatles. Mama went to buy stuff at watson’s. Had crepe, shakes and coffee for merienda. Had a stopover at tiende on the way home. went to buy food for the dog. Went to check out the improvement at home. Had another stopover at parola to buy dishwashing soap, detergents and the like. Had another stopover at small R and finally went home. We had another merienda (okoy+empanada from Ilocos–at least that’s what they said on their tagline) at home. Then had dinner (bulaloww). Foodtripping much?

It was a really long day. I was down by 10pm after singing obnoxiously, irritatingly and aloud (my self-composed joketime song entitled “do you know who you are?” which only had 4 chords) to my sister while she was doing her homework.  But before the day ended (rewind to 3 hours earlier), I had to run to the store nearby for autoload. It was then that the day was turned upside down, or not really. The thing is, we never got the load so I had to go back only to wait for the owner to bicker a little with her son over the load that we did not get. To cut the story short, I went back half walking – half running with the P60 back in my hands. I just hope I wouldn’t ever have to go back there again. Not a good experience. So there. I am a worrier so I do not need any of these kinds of experiences in my life. I still don’t like our new neighborhood as opposed to our old one. It’s been a long time since we had to live next door to a lot of people. It’s bad enough that we are cramped up in this little space of an apartment,  but why do we have to share a common garage with others? Anyway. I still thank God that we have a place to live in. At least we found good people who can accommodate us even for just 4 months. Anyway, these too shall pass. Thank You Lord. I don’t want to keep complaining anymore. 

P.S. I would be studying/reviewing from now onwards until classes start on Tuesday! I Hope! So I need as less internet consumption as possible. And movie reviews will come in due time. ngek…