Today is a special day for everyone in our country, not only for me, my family and friends who voted for P-NOY but also to all of those who wish for CHANGE. I really feel bad that I fell asleep at the latter part of his speech, but I am really rooting for him from the beginning up until now, despite a lot of controversies thrown at him. I just really hope to see a better country in his hands and in ours as well, because as they always say, it is not only his job to bring change to our country, but also and most especially, OURS. 

     Today, I was also supposed to go out with my friends and watch Letters to Juliet at gateway and planned to go around CubaoX na rin. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, na-postpone na naman ito. You know, you could really count on my friends in most things like birthday celebrations, when one has a problem and wants to chill, or during cozy inuman sessions at Chris’ place, pero when it comes to watching a movie, parang it always ends up not pushing through. May curse ba ang SR when it comes to watching movies at laging di natutuloy?   That’s why, I always just remember this ONE time when we got to watch a movie together—Harry Potter 4 pa ata. Yun lang at di na naulit ulit. Pero I still love all of them. 

BTW, here’s a picture of melo (in red-orange bandanna and blue PdP skimmers) and Chris (beside her wearing blue scarf as headband and white top). I cannot believe I declined when Chris asked me to model for PdP. I just didn’t think I can do it as good as Melo did in this one (so magaling pa rin ako at sinuggest ko si mel–so pretty right?) And I was surprised to see Chris too. She has been interning for PdP for quite some time and she said that even she was surprised she was asked to model as well. 

so there you go. other than those, my life is pretty much boring nowadays. i’m definitely back in school! Have duty days ahead of me again… Have a great day! COngrats to President Noynoy Aquino and sige na nga to VP Binay!