First Day High!

Yesterday was my official LAST first day of school, together with my groupmates. We still haven’t had any lecture classes yet since first day fell on a duty day! So I haven’t seen all my classmates yet (well, not in the same room all at the same time). Today we had our (emphasis on the >>) LAST annual school orientation for the lowdown on what’s waiting for us up ahead.

As usual, there were a couple of threatening and hair raising reminders for us, graduating students. We were presented with a calendar of events up until our last day in the university and as stated, we will be graduating on March 28, 2011! Mark that day!

Our class retreat will be on August and payments have to be handed down to the treasurer on the 15 of next month. Enrichment classes and Achievement tests will be part of our weekly schedules as early as this semester up until summer of next year (which should help us in taking up the board exams on July of next year). 

So far, since yesterday, I haven’t been doing anything yet. When I got back to my dorm at around lunch time, I cleaned up my part of the room and fixed my things and went straight to Rob Manila at 2pm and bought stuff I needed like hairnet and ponytails, dish washing sponge, lock and lock lunch box etc. I went home and saw Caks while checking out a P60 earbud earfones. She ate dinner and I had merienda at the dorm’s canteen. She said she missed having isaw. Deep inside I missed those too but I couldn’t be too lax about my health, could I?

Anyway, I am typing away while I still can since it’s Friday night and most people here have already gone back to their respective homes for the weekend. I on the other hand have a 7 o’ clock call time at school tomorrow for an unsure duty with an unknown instructor so I can’t go home even if I want to. So I am taking advantage of the first time I ever have been in this library with not so many people and laptops all over the place in a longtime (Actually, I don’t think that there was ever a time when this library was as spacious/empty as it is now. now, now, this is a first!). The wifi’s surprisingly fast too so I can do a little research (I need to report on G6PD or Glucose-6-Phosphate-Dehydrogenase Deficiency in about 2-3 weeks and believe it or not, I’m doing this in advance) and a little blogging and plurking on the side. Hopefully kids here won’t come back with laptops in hand next week or else, I’d be bringing out my mighty weapon (the ever reliable extension cord!!). 
the evidence:(almost empty isn’t it?) all 7 of us are on the other side of this room/library so the other side is completely unoccupied!)

I was also checking out stuff from THIS SITE and here are a few things I liked from the first page.

I like Miley’s top here. I’ve always had a thing for stripey outfits and I’ve always wanted a 3/4 or even a striped, long sleeved shirt like this one. Plus, these shoes were so in back when I was in gradeschool. I bought one because I saw my classmate wearing one (though they weren’t as high as these).

SHOES SHOES SHOES>> Give me boys’ shoes/oxfords or whatever-you-call-these-type-of-shoes! I saw a lot at the grove bazaar over the summer, but I didn’t have money for those. Hmmm, I wonder what kind of shoes I’d buy for our retreat? SO excited. Need to save!
Lastly, my sister and I bought a lot of these racer back sandos like that one there for a cheap price of________secret! hahaha! So topshop/Mango/Zara! Thank God for my stingy-ness! hahaha!

Anyway, I wasn’t able to bring with me my Living Water bible reflections so I couldn’t post today’s reading. Hopefully on the next entry. God bless you all! Have a great school year! 

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