sunday morning, rain isn’t falling (hopefully)

It’s 2:10 in the morning and I’m supposed to gather batch 2 of my dorm stuff but (as usual), those can wait until after I wake up later for breakfast later. 

Yesterday, we went shopping at Pasig Palengke and I just love it there. Though you can easily get trampled by people who ALL seem to be in a hurry, I still love the fact that you can still buy a lot with P1k. Anyway, fast forward to all the candy, clothes, shoes, underwear and fruits shopping, we went home feeling lucky to have bought a lot of really useful things for a very, very, cheap, cheap price. Thanks to Papa, Mama and Kat (and Jus na rin kahit di sumama) and of course God. Thank you for providing us with what we really need and at times, with what we really want. God bless you, God. 

Also, I’ve finally seen Glee’s season finale and I still cry every time I watch it (to think that I’ve watched it more than 8 times and counting!). I’ve also met up with my barkada for the last time before school starts again. We were supposed to watch sex and the city but only Juci (who was also the one who planned it all) was there on time. Good thing we were really hungry and ate at the OSH.

And finally, school starts on Tuesday since Monday is a non-working holiday (in lieu of Yesterday which was the 108th celebration of our Independence day!) Anywhooo, this year is going to be our FINAL YEAR! We’re SENIORS once again. It is going to be wild, crazy and fun! It needs to be!

I just finished filling up my fone with almost 300++ of my most favorite and most sung songs of the music-loving-part of my life. Okay, I don’t know if that made any sense, but one thing’s for sure, I love my new fone playlist. I just hope it works… Please let it work. 

Wow, I really, really need to fix my fone and my things for tomorrow, not to say sleep while there’s still time. so bye for now. 

P.S. The song Faithfully by Journey was played while we were scurrying around Pasig Palengke. It was awesome. I love Glee! hahahhaha I love nonsense!