I didn’t do as much as I did last Monday and yesterday and I feel guilty about it so I had to wash the dishes to make up for being such a bum. This whole last-few-days-before-I-get-back-to-school-mode is making me feel crazy. It’s as if making myself really busy would stop or prolong time. 

Anyway, I don’t want to rant about anything pointless right now. So a while ago, I didn’t want to go online since it would definitely eat all my time again. So what I did was, I began exercising again while watching E! News and the Daily 10, my two favorite celeb gossip shows. Russell Brand co-hosted the D10 with Catt Sadler and I was surprised to see a genuinely hilarious person in him. I didn’t like him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall but in real life, he seemed fine. A lot of people didn’t like him on the show. They were trash-talking him on a website and I thought that was rude. Anyway, he said a lot of funny things on the show (about Bieber and more) and a lot of good things as well. Even Catt was surprised to hear meaningful words he said about Jen Aniston (who seemed to be having a hard time finding an SO until now). Anyway, as surprised as we all are, he really do seem like a great person. I hope he really is. Anyway, I also watched Spoon today. Emilio (Zamora? or Jacinto? not sure) was the guest for the episode and I was even more surprised than I ever was with Russell Brand about what kind of person he truly is. I am not completely in shock but in the same way, he was really funny and humble as well. He made everyone on the set laugh, even me when he talked about his experience on a Film fest on Montreal with Bill Pullman (whom I’m sort of familiar—not sure though, will look for a picture later). 

Then while I was waiting for Glee’s Season Finale, I read my OB book and then fell asleep (shocker) and overslept. I woke up, but I was 30 minutes late for Glee and so I wasn’t able to see  the regionals part. Good thing I was able to hear Harry Shum Jr. a.k.a. Mike Chang speak his first every line ever!!!!YAHOO!! Looking forward to more mike chang lines!!! 

Anyway, I am downloading songs for my sister (most of which I’m not really sure if the title is real), but I’m having a hard time looking for some. Anyway, Summer’s over here in the Philippines but is just about to start in the US, so the Daily Candy has compiled a summer playlist which I’m going to look for too later. 

I’m still not ready for school, but I sure like this dress Eva Mendez wore to the 2010 MTV Movie Awards (where’s the connection in this one?). It looked so flowy and fun to wear on tv but not as good on still photos but I still like it!!

P.S. It’s NOYNOY-BINAY proclammation day today (which I also wasn’t able to watch since I overslept). Will watch the news later..

OOoOops I think Dinner’s ready. That’s it for now. Tata!

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