Folding clothes playlist

No folding clothes is not an album, silly. It is actually what I am doing now that the clothes (some of which i have handwashed and machine washed yesterday, would you believe it? now i have blistahs on muh finguhs) have been hanged dry and now that it is going to rain again. Angry, roaring skies we have today…

So here’s a few songs I listened to while obviously, folding clothes….

  1. Click click click click – bishop allen/ allen bishop
  2. near to you – a fine frenzy
  3. you picked me – a fine frenzy
  4. love like that – the heavy
  5. you’ve lost that loving feeling – hall and oates (of course)
  6. the girl you lost to cocaine – sia (don’t know why i dl-ed this)
  7. just a little more love – david guetta
  8. run, barbie run – earserheads
  9. sweet november – tegan and sarah
  10. get to you – james morrison
  11. lovely day – bill withers

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