PINK is not the new YELLOW..

But, what the heck, I’m liking pink nowadays. Okay this is really getting out of hand since this is my third entry for the day and it’s not even lunch time yet. It’s my third entry for this morning. Anyway, Yesterday while we were taking a break at crepes and cream or whatevs, I kept of glancing back at the body shop store nearby. (btw, White musk has a new packaging). And I couldn’t help but notice the stack on the window facing crepes and cream. They organized their products in a way that the pink ones go to one shelf and the purple ones go to another. Okay, in short, they color-coded their store and I just couldn’t resist looking at the pink stacked shelf. Anyway, If I haven’t told you yet. I never liked pink while growing up contrary to the fact that most girls do. However, I learned recently that I might have a liking for PINK after all. It’s not like I’m a late-bloomer but I really do at this age of almost 21. I loved the color blue for almost half my lifetime, and really loved yellow when I entered college and now, as much as I’ve hated it before, I’m currently infatuated with the color pink. not yet in love though. So I’ve looked for a lot of pink and girly stuff alike and here’s what I found.ย 

cute vintage pink fone. Papa used to have a fone like this in the office. not pink of course.

cutie cutie pup. saw a bunch of them yesterday at moa and tiende.


awesome cake.

hot ride!


one of my fave mtv shows

pinky pink

dream bag

cutie and you know what else is cute but isn’t pink?


these guys!!!

and btw, as we speak, these two teams are in the fight for championship.. i think.
credits for the photos:

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