big movie list.

Since I have cooked breakfast already for all of us (well, manang finished the cooking) and I was able to make myself my very own milk tea (with real tea+fresh milk+sugar) and since I won’t be watching any movies in the coming semester, I would be squeezing all these rom-coms in one day, and that’s today! Nothing’s gonna stop me, not even my dorm stuff. Those can wait. hahaha. Anyway, I’m planning to make movie reviews and all after. Will try. hahahhaa. As I’ve said, I’m not really into doing synopses, but I’ll try.

I’ve already started on this one since it’s the first to finish downloading, but I’m guessing there will be a lot of unexpected dirty scenes. I already know about the sex wars scene but I didn’t expect the first few scenes, so, maybe I’ll just get back on this one and start with Bounty Hunter first since that’s what I’ve been so excited about for weeks anyway.

Okay, this is what I’m talking about. I love Jennifer Aniston. I can’t believe I’ve never watched Friends, but I loved JOEY (which was Matt Leblanc’s sitcom after friends and they used the same Joey character from Friends so… okay, I’m getting out of topic again). Anyway, I just love her and I’ll love her even more in this movie. another comedy!

And yay! another Kristen Bell movie. Aside from Jen, I also love Kristen. I love her personality in real life and her chemistry/relationship with talk show host (as friends), Craig Ferguson. You can watch all of their interviews on Youtube! DEFINITELY MUST SEE VIDEOS, especially the one with the crocodile puppet. So cute and really funny. Anyway, this is another rom-com. I can’t say that this movie genre’s the best among others but this definitely has to be my top fave genre. Okay, I’ll stop now.

Okay, I won’t be doing any reviews for this, but still, I didn’t get to catch the last ep on tv so I’m so excited when the downloads finished. thank God. I love Glee. That’s all.


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