blah blah enrolment blah blah

Yesterday, I met up with my longtime college friends, Mara, Maan and Carlo and of course with my bff Nikki. It was enrolment day! No, that exclamation point wasn’t to point out sarcasm. I REALLY was happy to see them all again. We all were, that’s why I LOVE enrolment days (and no, that wasn’t sarcastic either). It’s the first time you and your friends get to meet up again after a long vacation and in my case, my friends and I were just really those wild and noisy kind of people (almost palengkera like), kaya when we see each other again, we can’t hide our excitement and end up really annoying those people around us. So what?!?! We REALLY missed each other and if you’re one of those people who almost didn’t wanna stay in line because you’re too irritated, I’m genuinely sorry. Please understand.


I was just supposed to meet up with Nikki, after all, it was supposed to be our bonding day. Good thing she was friends with my friends so hopefully di naman siya na-OP. Well, for a time I think she felt a little left out, another good thing, Ging, my classmate who was with us too brought up the fact that I haven’t introduced them to each other yet. Good move! By the end of the whole enrolment, they were very much acquainted. I think. hahaha. 
After the fast enrolment (said Hi to Sir Paul and to the people I used to work with during enrolment) came the super slow and long line to the Globe people. Apparently, they were giving out “free daw” na UST sims. The queue to them took a little while longer than the enrolment itself, so booya! Then at the entrance of the seminary gym, may BPI people naman who were offering free ATM applications. Shempre, MEGA takbo naman kami (sabi ko nga magulo and isip bata pa ata talaga kami lahat, lalo na me!) and we all applied for one. After all, I can really use this to help me save up for the whole 2 semesters this year. I really need to save up (for a lot of things) and the only way I can control not spending my money is by depositing it in the bank. My BDO has unfortunately been inactive for almost a year na rin (which Maan told me should have been deactivated by the company na raw). So it’s really a blessing (sana) that I got myself one na rin (conyoyakis much?). I could really use this. It’s a step to my plan of being self-disciplined this year. A new strategy perhaps?
Then, after that, Nikki and I didn’t join the trio for lunch na, we walked to our building, walked back out (walang napala) and bought meself a pair of ultra-soft (not napkin but a pair of decent looking tsinelas) sa overpass (san pa ba?)! My Ultra new shoes gave up on me (well, yung mega laking gems lang naman and ako pala yung nag give up kasi masakit siya ah, infairness, di ko yung inexpect since sooper lambot niya nung binili ko). Niloko niya lang ako. cool off muna. hahaha. Then we had lunch at Mang Inasal in Shopwise, then we checked out a lot of shoes in gateway. So far, madaming nadagdag sa list of goodies to buy ko! Makakaipon ba ako nito? Then, before we parted ways, Nik and I strolled around CubaoX. Checked out heima from outside their store (kasi may lunch break ata buong CubaoX) kaya sarado. Then my sooper baet bff waited until I was able to hail a jeepney and to think na malayo pa yung lalakarin niya. Umaambon daw kasi at wala akong payong. tsk tsk… sooper baet talaga, and I love her for that. Thank God for her. Finally after a sleepy ride on the way home, I bought Cheesy mamon (pero di naman mashadong cheesy..) and pianono (in fairness masarap pero wala pa ring tatalo sa pianono ng Sumilang, Pasig City!!!! ulit ulit—Pasig Citeeehhh!!) ate some before I drifted off to a long siesta. Anglamig kasi!! ayown then, I took a bath, ate dinner with Manang and Jus, prayed the Rosary with my family, kinulit kulit si Kat before I slept (again), then I woke up because I needed to pee (kasi soooooper giniginaw na ako, akalain mo) then BLOGGED (eto na)! Yahooooo! Whattaday! I wonder what time I’m gonna wake up again tomorrow. 
BTW, kanina, I heard shouting from outside. Kakatakot. A bunch of drunken guys siguro. Grabe. scaryyyyy.
BTW2, I was downloading a mobile Bible kanina for my laptop kaya lang may topak (sinong may alam na matinong mobile Bible?)
BTW3, Nagtopak bigla ang Globe Tats at nawala ang koneksyon!! ggrrr… Di pa tapos ang When in Rome, Forgetting Sarah MArshall, Glee ep 21 and Bounty Hunter downloads!! Please connect, Please connect… PLEASE CONNECT!>!>!>!?!?!?!?!!!!
Yun lang, adios!! Off to read HP7 kung di ako makatulog…. ok late na nagkaron ng net ulit… darn… 

P.S. iniinterview daw ng UKG yung dorm ko as we speak….

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