Today is a special day for everyone in our country, not only for me, my family and friends who voted for P-NOY but also to all of those who wish for CHANGE. I really feel bad that I fell asleep at the latter part of his speech, but I am really rooting for him from the beginning up until now, despite a lot of controversies thrown at him. I just really hope to see a better country in his hands and in ours as well, because as they always say, it is not only his job to bring change to our country, but also and most especially, OURS. 

     Today, I was also supposed to go out with my friends and watch Letters to Juliet at gateway and planned to go around CubaoX na rin. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, na-postpone na naman ito. You know, you could really count on my friends in most things like birthday celebrations, when one has a problem and wants to chill, or during cozy inuman sessions at Chris’ place, pero when it comes to watching a movie, parang it always ends up not pushing through. May curse ba ang SR when it comes to watching movies at laging di natutuloy?   That’s why, I always just remember this ONE time when we got to watch a movie together—Harry Potter 4 pa ata. Yun lang at di na naulit ulit. Pero I still love all of them. 

BTW, here’s a picture of melo (in red-orange bandanna and blue PdP skimmers) and Chris (beside her wearing blue scarf as headband and white top). I cannot believe I declined when Chris asked me to model for PdP. I just didn’t think I can do it as good as Melo did in this one (so magaling pa rin ako at sinuggest ko si mel–so pretty right?) And I was surprised to see Chris too. She has been interning for PdP for quite some time and she said that even she was surprised she was asked to model as well. 

so there you go. other than those, my life is pretty much boring nowadays. i’m definitely back in school! Have duty days ahead of me again… Have a great day! COngrats to President Noynoy Aquino and sige na nga to VP Binay!


I just finished the first draft for ina’s poster for one of this year’s student council’s activities. Hope they like it. I’m  emailing it as we speak.

Aside from that, I also want to blog about yesterday! Coz Kat and I met up at Rob Manila since I didn’t have classes and she has a 4-hour break from school. She went to buy a new pair of comfy, brown flats from Australian (since her pink sandals almost gave up on her) and went around window shopping after. We had lunch at sushi-ya, not minding the huge amount we paid for a mixed maki plate, katsudon and pork teriyaki. Well, we deserve to splurge on something every once in a while don’t we?

P.S. kat and I were wearing the same effing white-v-neck shirts we bought at Pasig Palengke. the only difference was, she cuffed her sleeves while i cut off mine. grrr… we were like twins yesterday!

Anyway, we had to part ways at Taft ave. She took the lrt back to la salle and I took the jeepney going back to Quiapo. I made a quick stop at the church and had my watch’s battery replaced then headed off to Recto. I had to look for my other 2 books, but ended up finding only 1. But it’s not so bad, after all, I was able to have some time for myself again, walking along Recto, checking out stuff from Merriam-Webster bookstore and stuff on the street. I will miss this when I graduate next year.

So here’s a few things I realized during this 2 day vacation:
  1. I really have to make most out of this final year in nursing school.
  2. I have to study really hard for all the coming quizzes, thesis-writing, achievement tests and board exam.
  3. I am so excited to graduate and to work and earn my own money.
  4. Can’t wait to go abroad (with my friends who also plan to work there) >>had a fun talk with Jan last night.
  5. Being a hospital nurse isn’t the only option I have in order to practice what I have been studying for the last few years. I can be a flight nurse for all I care.
  6. I don’t want to let my family down, but most especially, I don’t want to let myself down. I CAN do this!
  7. There are a lot of really good Phil lit books again!!! Can’t wait to buy them all! Ika nga, tangkilikin ang sariling atin! To tell you honestly, all those summit books and other books written by Pinoy writers are more fun to read because you can relate to them more. Here are some of the books on my to buy list:

      • Table for Two
      • Geek shall inherit the earth (?)
      • 10 ways on getting over aj (?)
      • and lots of other Pinoy books!!!

So if I were you, I will from time to time, try to browse some of the books at the Phil. Lit section. I’m sure you won’t regret it!

today was weird…

but fun, before it turned weird again. The whole day generally was, as most days, a laughtrip. It was our first lecture day and we just met almost all of our professors. It was also a day for election of class officers and even that was sort of a big joke. Our class purposely nominated Maan, Mara, Carlo and I against each other for the position of class secretary. It was seriously the craziest thing ever, but it was fun. We all voted for Maan and I’m glad she won coz that was what we were planning all along. 

Anyway, I was happy mostly throughout the day but I couldn’t get away with the fact that too much happiness can also bring sadness, unfortunately. Yes that’s what I believe in. In almost all the times I was carelessly loud and happy, I know that it wouldn’t last that long before something sad comes along to balance things out. It just made sense. You can never be too happy, or should I say, “I” could never be too happy. I don’t really know if it’s just a curse someone put forth upon me or if it’s just me or it does really happen. 

Maybe I’m just getting more and more paranoid by the minute and I just think too pessimistically (is there such a word?). I won’t be surprised if I end up being in a straight jacket one day because of the weird things I think about, but for now, I’ll still have to go with happiness needing sadness to achieve the equilibrium of life. Today was weird, but I’m weirder and it’s scary. 

So, I’m doing a lot of things trying to squeeze in as much research work (and blogging) as possible before the wifi gets turned off any minute now. Ok, sister just turned it off. Good thing I have an emergency wireless broadband with me. 

So that’s it for now. I have lots of weird things in mind right now (really weird), but look at the bright side, at least I’m still awake worrying about it. 😦