errand girl…

Lately, I’ve been the errand girl of the family. I do grocery runs, color/cellophane my sister’s and mother’s hair and now, I’m supposed to buy breakfast food like tocino and longganisa because my sister goes back to school today! Plus, I need to exchange my father’s pants with a larger waistline size at the mall. When I said I wanted to go to Pasig Palengke to go shopping for school shoes and plain v-neck shirts, everyone wanted me to buy for them too.

Okay, scratch that, those aren’t as much errands but I think I like this as much as I hate it. I hate doing errands on such a scorching weather but, I still love it because I’m doing something new and I get to go out. Probably, another reason why I must love doing this is because I won’t get to do this for a long time for my family again. School starts in two weeks and with all the fuss going on on facebook, I think that we are all going to be busy. First shift of duty for the first sem would be from Thursdays to Saturdays 2p-9p!!! Will I still even get to go home on weekends (and with all the renovations and sooper sikip na apartment)? Papahirapan ko pa sila lahat. I’ll just try as much as possible to go home on Wednesdays (free day) since duty the next day will start at 2 pa naman. I’ll be going back to washing my underwear at the dorm, and bring my clothes to the laundromat for washing.

Hay, I hope to get by with a little help from my friends… hahaha corny. and with help from GOD of course and my family! I will miss them!!

Yesterday, after hearing mass at the Cainta church, we went to Sta. Lucia (naku, I should get used to being a true blood Cainta-er even though we’ve lived here for more than a decade already) to chill and eat lunch. I got to buy a new pair of school shoes! Finally. It’s sooper flat (just how I wanted) and with a big gem on top. I thought I would be able to buy the comfy shoes I’ve been ogling for years at Figlia pero somehow, it just wouldn’t be available for me. bakit ganun? Nung sale sa mega, its price was only P499 from P999. So I asked for my size, only to find out that it’s the last pair na pala (size 5), and to think we all (papa, mama, kat) waited for the sooper bagal na salesclerk. Sale kasi kaya mega gulo rin.

Btw, I went to Chris’ house last Friday for gameboard night part 2! Yay! Finally! I had so much fun and ate a lot of pulutan (Tostitos Lime + SPinach dip). I promise I’d buy this deadly combo too. I saw it na sa grocery yesterday! hahah! kaya lang mashadong mahal! Next time, Next time. We played twister, pinoy henyo, scrabble with the gang (Chris, her bros Topher and Carlos, Juci, Jan and Lou!) Also, when the kids finally retired, and Jan’s mom went to get her, Chris, Juci and I had a lot to talk about and I was soooo touched by what they said. Sa amin nalang. haha. I love them. Really. They are the friends I’d hold on to talaga til the end. Also, yesterday, we went to Wilcon to look for new tiles in our rooms! Yay! Kat and I opted for the dark-wood-like tiles. Andaming made in China na Wood tiles sooper ganda! Si Jus din wanted dark-colored tiles. I’m so excited to design our room when the renovations finish in September. Can’t wait!!!

Anyway, I’ll try to be more productive these coming weeks or should I say last weeks of summer? I need to finish na Harry Potter so I can read my school books na! hahahha!
P.S. Kat and I would be buying PunchDrunkPanda comfy shoes for a lower price! Yay!!! Will be adding those to our list of things to buy!