Being productive… not really.. just bored.

Having limited access to the internet these past days made me watch more tv, play more video games, watch more movies, read more ebooks, cook more breakfast, lunch or merienda, do grocery shopping, sweep dirt, play even more guitar songs and sing, sleep and lots more. I’m telling you, these aren’t exactly withdrawal symptoms of internet addiction, though I’m glad that somehow I can still manage without having to check latest celebrity blog entries, tweets or friends’ plurks, my cafe and updates on FB, or the latest pictures and picture quotes on tumblr. I used to just sleep, wake up, surf the net, eat brunch, surf more, take a bath, surf more, eat dinner, surf, surf and sleep again. The cycle went on and on and before we know it, our electric bill has soared high enough to top all monthly bills for the past 10 years (I guess).

So yeah, lately I’ve been more productive, if you call sleeping longer hours and waking up to eat more food being productive. Somehow, I’ve been out of our bedroom (because it’s just so fr**king hot on the second floor) more than 50% of the time. Also, I’ve finished 1 ebook for less than half a day (because I was so bored and it was plain kakakilig) and I’ve watched a lot of movies (not on my computer!!!), I’ve finally learned a song intro to PLUCK on the guitar (who knew honor society’s where are you now lang pala ang pinakamadaling tabs ever in the whole world? besides the harry potter theme! haha), cut another pambahay shirt to make it more presko to wear (which was awesomely cute?!) and hey I don’t even have anything to do with this but for the sake of putting all things new for the past days, IT RAINED TODAY!! which helped drop a few digits on the temperature (hopefully)!! Currently, I’m reading HP book 7, will try to clean up the clutter on my desktop, will do a little cleaning (bedroom-next week), will try to read academic books and a lot more. I’m hoping I could go online from time to time (again, thanks to globe’s super surf).

There is a little more than 2 weeks before school starts and I want to make something out of this summer break besides staying up til it’s almost bright again outside. I really want to open my nursing books and so I would definitely fix my schedule and hope that it’s not yet too late! Tomorrow, hopefully I get to sleep over at Chris’ together with my barakada again! I’m looking forward to plain childish fun times again! adios!

BTW, the GAGA episode of GLEE is just brilliant, the clothes and all! I watched it once on tv, once on Kat’s computer and once on tv and computer at the same time (yeah I was so happy I got to synch the computer to the TV!) so babaw. ALSO, Lee Dewyze is the 9th American Idol and Simon Cowell says bye bye! This season ender was just so beautiful. Lots of great artists like Hall and Oates, Christina Aguilera, Chicago and Bee Gees! Plus they got to put the Idols from almost all the different seasons together (almost since Dave Cook wasn’t there, I wonder why). Anyhow, til I get money to load into this thing again! adios…again!