I just really need to do a quickie. Nope, this isn’t the quickie you’re thinking about, you, greenminded, you. This is actually a quick and brief entry since I’ve missed surfing the internet. I haven’t been online for the past couple of days because we MOVED, but we can’t bring our landline and dsl with us. Good thing people invented wireless broadbands! At least I can still go online from time to time, but not for a whole day anymore. Maybe one of these days, my siblings and I could plan on going to mega (for free aircon and wifi!). maybe lang. kakatamad lumabas ng bahay pag commute eh!

As I was saying, we moved to a much smaller and hotter place, but I think I’m getting used to sleeping on a bed with no bed frames and with manang in the same room. After all we’ve been here since Tuesday. That’s 4 days ago and so I’m getting the hang of this whole thing. We live in a 3 door apartment and ours is the last one. It’s got a red door (so one tree hill) and 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The kitchen/dining room reeks of human waste and we think we know why. The stairs have steep and narrow steps and the bathroom is like about half of our (small na ngang) bathroom at home. Anyway, so much of the bad stuff. It can’t be that bad right? Maybe I’m exaggerating since i’m not yet through adjusting but here are a few advantages to this new place: First, we moved much closer to the highway, meaning, no more long, crowded and bumpy tricycle rides. Second, everything seemed much like walking distance from our apartment (the mall, the salon, internet shops, sari-sari store, market etc etc) and so we can save a lot of money for 4 months.

Aside from that, another new thing I did was to go out with my friends. FINALLY! I wasn’t able to go to Juci’s(mac&cheese day) and Chris’ houses(gameboard night) since we’re busy packing stuff. We went to the grove bazaar, just across tiende. Style bible was there and so are most of the fashionistas in the city. Juci and I tried some veggie/fruit smoothies while chris and niks had some gelatos. We also had a super long salestalk with the owner of V&M (mineral make up) and I thought each one of their products are worth of your money, unfortunately, I didn;t have money. Good thing they are opening stores in tiende and Robinson’s MAnila. I missed my friends so much and I missed going out. I’m glad I saw them today! On monday, we’ll be going to Lou’s place and surprise her (post-post-post-bday surprise with melo) and on friday, it will be gameboard night again at Chris’! Hopefully I could be there this time!

Tomorrow’s Sunday! YAY! Family day! I wonder where we would be going to hear mass. I wish we could go back to hearing mass in mega and also, see what happened to our house na. Mama told us naalis na pala yung bubong! I can’t wait for this whole renovation to finish!!!!!!!! Thank You God for this wonderful day! seeya tomorrow! pictures of the “new place” to follow. Goodnight!