curazee summer. curazee nails.

CURAZEE. I just love using that word, don’t I? I got it from one of my kabarkadas:JUCI. ANyway, I think that this whole summer is getting crazier and just unbelievably chaotic. I knew this wouldn’t be easy (transferring to an apartment to make way for house renovations). First you have to deal with architects to help you figure out a practical house layout/set up, then you have to talk to a lot of people like the president of the homeowners’ association and get your papers approved in order to get a building permit and all that, then you’d have to find men to transfer stuff to another place (which takes time, i swear) then you’d have to deal with so many more people. Renovations haven’t even started and yet we’re having trouble already. The truck that was supposed to bring the big furnitures to the apartment we’re transferring to didn’t even come so our tito, tita and cousin had to help out. I just feel for my parents. They’ve put so much time and effort in making everything easier na lang and the people that they’ve trusted haven’t been of much help lately.

Ayown,any-anyway, on the lighter side of things, I have finally painted my nails! After ten thousand years. Oh yes, the navy blue polish I’ve had since finals week (yes nung pasukan pa) have been replaced with red+nude nail polishes. I did the same to my fingernails. Awesome, but I really, really have to have steady hands while painting my nails because it almost always ends up in a disaster. Good thing it doesn’t really show naman from afar.

Squeaky clean nails.

4 colors I’ve been choosing from.

More news! Lately we’ve been having nightly rosary crusades, my whole family and I. I’m not sure why we didn’t just settle for the weekly novenas we used to do before because (not to sound really bad or anything), sometimes, I feel lazy to pray the Rosary let alone make it a part of our daily routines. Pero now that I’m getting used to it, I’m glad that I’ve finally starting to like it. But here’s something odd whenever we pray the Rosary. At first, diba, I feel so lazy, like dragging-my-butt-and-feet-lazy, pero right in the middle of praying, I would just feel like praying talaga! AS IN! I would have intentions per mystery pa. You know I have this thing of praying for so many things, not only for my selfish desires but also for the benefit of all the people around the world, the rich and especially the poor, the healthy and especially the sick, the same goes for those who have nowhere to go, nothing to eat, the souls in purgatory and many more. I hope you do yourself and all of us a favor and pray before you go to bed at night too. Pray for everyone! Here I am being melodramatic again. Anyway, lunch is waiting. TATA! Have a great day!