hello goodbye…

I’ll probably be on blog leave for a while since tomorrow, or should i say, later, we would be moving to an apartment to make way for the house renovations this summer. The estimated time for the whole renovation to finish is at least 3 months. I can just imagine the huge adjustments we need to make. No more late night internet surfing, no more privacy (since the three of us, sis and bro will be sharing a room until school starts and I go back to dorming again) and not to mention, no more huge space to accommodate my stuff!

This is why I did myself a favor and downloaded TONS of games and EBOOKS + a few AUDIOBOOKS (classic novels) to fight boredom and to achieve productivity! Now, I will get to watch the movies I haven’t had time to watch before. I will also probably have time to study my lessons to refresh my mind since I turned into a crazy couch potato again!

But since we have wireless broadbands, I think I will be able to go online from time to time to update. I will miss the internet and all that comes with it. Ciao!!! ‘Til we meet again!

P.S. here’s a picture of our room and the messy bags and boxes all over the place!